Help me find a good PR media monitoring service
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Currently my office, a media relations outfit, uses a news monitoring service called Meltwater News. I have found the interface clunky, slow, and we have consistently had problems with the newsletter feature. Any suggestions for a replacement?

I work in the PR department where a major part of my job is monitoring news and sending out clips in a morning newsletter.

The entire time I've been at this job, only about six months, they've used Meltwater to help monitor breaking stories and organize relevant stories into morning clips reports. I have had to call our rep every few weeks for the past six months to handle issues. Every time something old gets fixed some frustrating new issue seems to come along.

Any ideas or suggestions for Public Relations software I should be looking at? We are currently looking at switching to Cision.

What we need from the service is not really all that complicated- the most important features I am looking for are aggregation of online news stories based on key words, and the ability to format and load stories into a morning email newsletter. Some analytics would be nice too.

FYI we already use this monitoring software in conjunction with a few other things- like Google News Alerts and Technorati.
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Our agency used both Cision and BurrellsLuce, and between the two they always caught every story relating to our many clients. BurrellsLuce does scanned PDFs of everything, while CisionPoint more generally included links to the article online (my preference), and it offers a comprehensive media list building system. BL was much better at catching articles from small and local newspapers.

However, we recently dropped coverage monitoring on both in favor of Google news alerts. If I'd had my choice, I'd have stuck with Cision.
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I work for a big museum, and we use Cision. There are a lot of features they offer beyond reporting--like list building and mail systems--that we don't use, but overall I'm pretty happy with them. They do have an option for scanning, which we use selectively, and I like their "media portal," where you can go in and tag every clip with key words, so that makes it easy to find specific articles amidst the mass. They are pretty $$ from what I can tell, though.
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I've used Cision and it was fine (used it three years ago and at that point you couldn't control the key words which led to them sending you a lot of articles that included your product's name, but wasn't relevant. Hopefully they've changed that because I, like you, spent many hours on the phone each month reversing charges. Of course, if your clients have unique names it shouldn't be a problem). If you lived in Canada I'd recommend Infomart. Seriously the best system I've encountered. I've also heard many good things about MediaMeiser, but I can't seen to find out if they old scan Canadian papers (they're located in Ontario).
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