Big Head Hat Yet Again
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The other day I lost my black acrylic/wool Nautica knit beanie-style hat. I lost it in a train station, so I don't expect to ever find it again (the station staff had not seen it). Help me find one like it!

I found the original hat in a Filene's a couple of years ago, and I know Nautica is no longer producing it. The knit was an unusually thick rib (no cuff) and it was sized larger than most beanies, watch caps, or ski hats. I have an unusually large head (though the rest of me is small) and most instances of this type of hat are much too small and tight, mashing my hair.

I know large-head hat issues have been discussed here before here, here, and here.

The original hat was long enough to cover my ears. The top fit smoothly across the top of my head. I don't like it when the top of such a hat sticks up, making the wearer look like Zippy the Pinhead. I am also not looking for a baggy cap that looks like a shower cap or a newsboy cap.

I would appreciate tips on physical stores or online stores that cater to people with big heads, as I am afraid of buying online only to find that the hat will be too small.

Otherwise I will have to steal my father's cashmere watch cap! A big head is definitely a hereditary trait.
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What hat size are we talking? I can't vouch specifically, but Ex Officio tends to be a little large (but tailored) and something like this might work.
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Try Etsy for a knitter to replicate your hat. Sounds like a simple hat.
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Not sure if this fits the bill, but Patrick Ervell makes lovely beanies from baby alpaca wool that fit my large-ish head perfectly. They're a tad pricey, but totally worth it!
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I have 2 of these (lost one in a cab last week) but they are great. Going to pick another one up when I get back to Canada next.
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Response by poster: These are good ideas. The original hat came in "one size." I've usually found "one size" in knit hats to be too small. I have some basic knitting skills so I could probably make myself a replacement.
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