Twin Cities Olives without the Garden
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Is there a restaurant in the Twin Cities metro that serves up awesome olives?

My sister would like to have her birthday dinner at a restaurant that has an olive bar "like the ones they have at Byerlys, Lunds, Kowalskis". Does such a place exist around here? Failing that, any place that serves a variety of them or even just one really good olive focused dish would probably be a good enough alternative. I checked out both Gardens of Salonica and It's Greek to Me and they each just have a dish of kalamatas.
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Biaggios on University ave. has a breaded and fried appetizer, but my taste for olives is limited.
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Best answer: Is Holy Land too downscale? The olive selection is vast. Two locations with one on Central Ave. And the other in the Midtown Global Market.
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Best answer: Midtown Global Market would be fun. go get an appetizer here, olives here, dinner and drinks there, dessert wherever. all contained inside with fun atmostphere and shopping
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Broder's Pasta Bar has an olive assortment appetizer.
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Barbette has a great warm olive appetizer as well. Seriously though, just go to Midtown and raid the Holy Land olive bar :)
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Response by poster: Holy Land it is! Thanks everyone.
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