I'm being evicted and need fast advice.
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I'm being evicted and need fast advice.

I live in the Seattle area. I'm being evicted tomorrow from my ex's place. It is a long story but I haven't been able to find a place to live that will take me and my cat. I'm looking for anything that isn't a 24 hour drop in shelter.

I have no money and no phone and work 2 days a week. To be frank I'm scared shitless
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Have you tried seeing if a friend will take in your cat, at least temporarily? That should make you a more attractive potential tenant.
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sometimes shelters/the humane society will take your pet temporarily in these types of situations (when you are in need of shelter yourself and the options do not take animals).

here is the seattle humane society's website.
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If I were in your shoes I would look to friends or family for somewhere to sleep. The next step would be to get more work so you can afford to pay rent. Browse the classifieds for people looking for a roommate.
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Put your stuff in a storage unit (yellow pages, usually under "storage"). Pricing varies widely. In my area you can get stuff stored reasonably safely for as little as 32$ a month, if it's not a lot of stuff (eg, only a bed and a few pieces of funiture, not a whole house worth of junk) & you don't need the fancy trimmings.

If you have *any* military pals, call on them: They know how to stick together when times are tough and will often help out even if you're not the super-tight best bud. They also network really well on a non-local basis, when it comes to finding crash space & extended-stay pet sitters: A military friend in Florida may just be able to come up with a bed in Texas if requested. Long shot, but has happened.

If you are active in a religious organization, that is another tree to shake for emergency roof-&-bed.
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Just so you know, a tenant may only be evicted by court order in Seattle. Whether you are a tenant or not is a matter for a lawyer. Get in touch with Solid Ground and see if they can help you.
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Depending on your situation, your ex may not be allowed to evict you.

Call one of these numbers for free advice. They exist exactly to help people like you.
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It sounds like you're not on the lease and were cohabitating w/ your ex who was on the lease?

Regardless, you have rights. Do contact Solid Ground or Seattle Housing Authority. Even if you're not officially on the lease and you have been living somewhere for a certain amount of time you can exercise your rights for due process. These tenant rights exist exactly for situations like this to keep people from being tossed on the streets.

But sometimes you don't want to enforce those rights. Staying somewhere when you're not wanted is a pain in the ass for everyone involved, especially with an ex.

I can't offer a place for your cat, though I wish I could because I love cats. I can't afford the pet deposit. I also can't offer long term stays. I'm in low income managed housing and I don't want to do anything to jeopardize my own lease.

But I can offer a safe place to occasionally crash and shower, but be warned and aware of the following: My place is rather small. I'm a weirdo. I like my privacy. I smoke. I keep odd hours and I work from home. My cheap little spare couch/bed is also not very comfortable and only vaguely looks like a futon.

This offer depends on us meeting first so I can assess what's going on. I'm not really in a place where I can risk my own recent stability to help, so we'd have to lay out some ground rules.

Also, you're right in wanting to avoid the drop in shelters. They're utterly overwhelmed, and they can be dangerous and aren't the best place to get some sleep.

Msg me or find my email in my profile.
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Also, I may be able to help you get a phone. It's something that's very useful to have in a situation like this.

T-mobile's prepaid system is pretty damn good at this point, and it's what I use for a phone because I hate talking on phones so it's cost effective for me. I spend maybe $10 a month on minutes, if that. Phones are cheap (like $30) and they throw in like $25 in free minutes.
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Mod note: From the OP:
Contacting friends or anyone is difficult because I have no phone but hers. I also have no cash for storage or food even. All my friends are married and have no room for me. Family I don't really want to get into. Yes it is cohabitation. On her FB she posted she said "something exciting is happening" on and i asked her if I'm being evicted and she said "tomorrow". I don't want to send my cat to a shelter because that is wrong in too many ways.

What I really need is some kind of place that aint drop in.

I really appreciate your folks help.
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How long have you been living with your ex? If you can establish tenancy, she can't evict you without notice.
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First I would ask if you are really being evicted or someone just told you to get out. There is a difference. The FHC may be able to help (http://www.fhcwashington.org/), also you can go to Washington Law Help (www.washingtonlawhelp.org) then click on housing then eviction for more info on a legal eviction process. That said, have you tried CraigsList? There may be jobs for live in caretaker or live in babysitter, you can also post a live in job ad for free on CL. Shelter beds are few and far between in Seattle. If you have kids you may be able to get emergency housing assistance but even that is difficult to get.
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Yes, please OP. You can't just be kicked out, even if you aren't on the lease. Please, please, please get more information about what is happening tomorrow from your ex. If you haven't heard from the courts, you don't have to leave. If she filed the paperwork and you are receiving the notice tomorrow, you still have time.
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Ok, more. Here's what I would do if I were you:

First - is this a legal eviction proceeding? Have you been given notification prior to this? Because 24 hours of notification isn't legal if you've been living there for more than (I believe) 30 days.

Second - Decide if you need or want to fight the eviction and stay. If you've paid any rent at all then you have even more legal ground and right. That's only a decision you can make, and it's not a pleasant one. Yeah, drama can happen. But you're in crisis. Pick your hill to do battle on.

Third - Find a place for your cat. I know this isn't going to be easy. But you need to find a place for your cat. Or you need to give your cat up for adoption, hopefully to someone you know and trust - and this is a heartwrenching decision. You're not in a place where you can care for a cat. Which is why I don't have one yet - because I learned this lesson when I was in my early to mid twenties and it hurt a lot. I had a cat I managed to keep through 5+ years of bad apartments, living in warehouses, couch surfing and worse. I slept outside to be with that cat because the house I was staying at was allergic, but they let me keep her outside. Eventually I left her with an ex and her family that were cat lovers, and it's one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life. Not a week goes by that I don't think about it and regret it. But you need to find safe harbor for your cat, and make the hard decision and accept it if you can't be that safe harbor. Finding a place for your cat frees you up a lot and makes you more mobile and an easier couch surfer.

Fourth - Pack and prioritize. Think like you're going on a long road trip or adventure. What do you really want and need? Start with clean socks and toiletries, warm useful clothes, a small towel, a wash cloth, a container for water, a small flash light, any needed medication. Books are heavy and usually can be replaced. Portable music is good. Pen, paper. You want to get it down to the size of one small to medium backpack. This helps you be mobile and makes it easier to blend in at places like coffee shops, libraries. Think two changes of clothes, three max. One to wear and one to wash.

Fifth - Sort and pack your remaining stuff. Throw out as much as you can. Be brutal. Stuff can be replaced. Storing too much of it isn't going to help you right now. Think along the lines of a single large box of your most important stuff. Papers, photos, hard drives. Not books, unless they're rare. Not CDs or DVDs. Not games or game systems. That's all stuff you should sell fast and cheap, not pay to store. Don't be sentimental, be a survivor.

I'll post more if I think of something.
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Oh, food. You probably qualify for food stamps. Get to a DSHS and apply. If you're not on a lease you're homeless. You probably won't qualify for GA-U or GA-X, and they're cutting the hell out of that program anyway. I think they renamed the whole program to something called "lifeline".

The food banks in Seattle are also awesome. I've had to go a couple of times over the last half a year, and I highly recommend the Jewish Family Services food bank on Capitol Hill, right by Madison Market. You have to be in the right zip code, but they service a very large area. Granted, those are less helpful if you're couch surfing, but if you need a place to store non-perishables I have a bunch of cupboard space.

And if you're really hungry and you're near down town I can feed you. Being hungry sucks.
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Mod note: From the OP:
All I know is 2nd hand information. We only fight. when I ask her any thing all I hear is "i don't need to tell you anything" I asked if I was being evicted and she said tomorrow. That's all I know. My major problem is 1) no phone 2) no home. I cant call these people. I lived out of state for a long time ago. Met again on FB and fell in love again and I moved back home to be with her. Now I live in her garage. The problem that adds to this is she is doing a strategic default on her mortgage and will be leaving soon too and she is giving me no info when. I'm not trying to stay I trying to find a place to go.
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Listen to the other commenters, and stay in the home until you are literally forced to leave. Your ex simply telling you that you are evicted does not mean you have to leave yet. Every extra day you stay there is another day you can enlist help.

Since you're without money or phone but have internet, consider posting your story over at reddit. Try the AskReddit section. Mention that you and your cat are being kicked out in Seattle, in the headline. Describe the situation with your ex. Add a photo of the cat if possible. People ask for this kind of help fairly regularly there and often get it (so long as your post gets enough eyeballs). I'd be surprised if you didn't get one or two offers to house your cat temporarily or provide shelter to you and your cat.
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Maybe it's better if I just out myself. Thank you all for your help.

The post she made on FB was 3 days ago tomorrow. If I do get evicted do I get 3 days notice? Or does the process take 3 days then the police show?
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I'm guessing you don't actually have a lease, but regardless a Facebook post isn't a legal eviction notice or a 3 day pay or quit notice. Read the link to the Tenant's Union that grouse posted.

What legally happens is that you're asked to make a court appearance first. A legal eviction happens after you blow that court appearance, or after you appear and have run out of time/options, which is usually 30 days. At which point usually a Sheriff is authorized to physically evict a tenant.

But obviously you want to avoid all of that.

Your best bet is to stay cool and keep working on somewhere else to go. She can't legally force you to leave tomorrow, and you're within your rights to call the police if she's pressing the issue, becoming physical or violent - or even verbally abusive. Ideally they'll tell her she can't legally evict someone like that. However, calling the police and getting them involved obviously has it's own risks.

If the house is being strategically defaulted it complicates things even more.

(I am not a lawyer, this is not legal advice.)
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I tried to evict my cocaine-using roommate who stole the rent money out of my purse, and even showed the police the bags of powder with straws in them.

Even she got 30 days!

If you've established residency (even if you never paid rent!), then you legally have 30 days. (I'm in CA, so the laws may vary, but everyone has rights). It looks like in Washington you have 20 days.
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It sounds like you're going through a really sucky time but please be reassured that you will get through this and get back on your feet. Seattle is a relatively generous city with a broad social safety net comprising a variety of government programs, nonprofit organizations, informal/ad-hoc charities, and random acts of kindness from strangers.

For you: The Seattle Crisis Resource Directory is a wealth of useful information.

If you friend me on Facebook (link is in my profile) I can connect you with an acquaintance who recently gave up being homeless in Las Vegas to try his hand at being homeless in Seattle instead. He's doing much better in Seattle and thus could give you first-hand, up-to-the-minute advice on how to successfully navigate being homeless/transient/poor in Seattle.

For your cat: Hopefully a local MeFite can take in your cat, but if no one comes through then MeMail/Facebook me and I'll work my Seattle-area contacts to try to find the cat a temporary home. I have many known suckers cat sympathizers amongst my friends and family back in Seattle. (But it would be much better for you to house the cat with someone you know or make a direct connection with via MetaFilter than with a stranger you met via an out-of-town internet acquaintance, so hold my offer in reserve as a last resort only.)

Please keep us updated on your situation! Good luck!
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IANAL, but I did read the link to the Tenants Union and a link to a pamphlet on eviction law by the Northwest Justice Project.

If I do get evicted do I get 3 days notice?

Here's what the Tenants Union website says (this applies only if you're being evicted for owing rent): "The first of the three days starts the day after you receive the notice. The landlord does not have to take the rent after the third day. So your best bet is to get some help paying the rent."

"But the landlord cannot kick you out at the end of those 3 days. If he changes the locks, turns out the lights, or takes your stuff it is illegal and you can call the police at 911. Or in some cities there is a community services office of the police department."

What are the reasons a landlord can evict you, or force you to move out?

According to the Northwest Justice Project:
Not paying the rent.
Breaking one of the terms of the rental agreement.
Permanently damaging or destroying the property, drug activity, gang-related activity, or interfering with other tenants' use of the property.

If you're behind on the rent and you get an eviction notice, you have three days to either pay all the rent you owe or to get your landlord to accept partial payment.

If you've broken one of the terms of the rental agreement and you get an eviction notice, you have 10 days to either fix the problem or move out.

If you've permanently damaged the property or broken the law, etc., and you get an eviction notice, you have three days to move out, period. No negotiating.

The eviction notice must be delivered in writing. Loquacious is right -- a Facebook post doesn't count. The landlord first has to deliver it to you in person. If the landlord can't reach you in person with the written notice, one copy of the eviction notice must be mailed to you, and another copy must be left with someone else at your house or posted at your house if nobody is there.
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I'm not paying rent, she has threatened to turn off the electricity and internet. I believe I am a legal resident because this is the address for my social security card and my drivers license. I also get mail here. That should be enough. The more I think on it the more I believe she is having someone try to force me out tomorrow. Which will be ugly but legally cannot do. (?)

I have a firefighter friend and he talked to the chaplain and the chaplain said its tough right but he'll try. My thumbs are turning blue on that one.
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Hey there - I work at a vet's office and get a mighty discount on things like boarding pets. If you need an immediate home for your cat, PLEASE let me know. It's not as cozy as a house, but your cat will get love and play all the time from at least one bored assistant. Luck, man.
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This might help with more long term housing - Here is a list of HUD subsidized apartments, they will have waiting lists, which have very long waits, but you should check with as many as you can to get your name on the wait lists. Rent for these will be based on income.
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I'm not paying rent, she has threatened to turn off the electricity and internet.

If she follows through on her threat, that is illegal: The Northwest Justice Project says: "The only reason a landlord can shut off utilities is to make repairs. ... A landlord cannot shut off utilities to try to force you to move out."

"It is also illegal for the landlord to intentionally fail to pay his utility bills in order to have the service turned off."

"You can take your landlord to court if he shuts off your utilities. If you win, the judge can award you up to $100 a day as damages for each day that utilities were turned off."

The more I think on it the more I believe she is having someone try to force me out tomorrow. Which will be ugly but legally cannot do. (?)

Again from the Northwest Justice Project: "Your landlord is never allowed to physically force you to leave the property. Only the sheriff can physically move you off the property. The landlord must win an eviction case in court in order to get the sheriff involved."
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First, as others have said you can't really be evicted, as you likely have rights as a resident from what you've told us (but check out those links). So you likely are okay for a few days.

Second, what is/was your longer term plan? While you likely have an (awkward) place to stay for a few days, at some point you are leaving and this doesn't sound like a total surprise- apparently you were already crashing in the garage. There are two problems to solve: this transitional crisis, and where you're going to land.

This person *may* be amenable to you staying a few days longer, if you have a plan and deadlines to leave more gracefully.

Third, where are you?! Which part of the city, and where are you posting from?

Fourth, is there more to the story? I think we'd like to help, but I'm wondering about how you got here- how can you have no friends who wouldn't let you crash for a few days rather than see you homeless? Why is she eager to toss you out?

I know among the Seattleites posting in this thread, I too would help out with food, aid, even shelter for you and/or your cat if I can, but I obviously have a concern of who you are and how you got to this point. I won't let a Mefite go hungry- been there myself- but there are safety concerns with a complete stranger.

Also, loquacious sounds like a great resource for advice; use that.
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I too would help out with food, aid, even shelter for you and/or your cat if I can, but I obviously have a concern of who you are and how you got to this point. I won't let a Mefite go hungry- been there myself- but there are safety concerns with a complete stranger.

Can we please not do this? I think this should be a safe space to get advice without being questioned like that. If you don't feel safe giving the poster additional aid, just don't. This is one of the reasons I am uncomfortable with people offering real-life aid on MetaFilter—it opens the door to questioning those being helped about their real situation, motives, etc., and I just think we'd be better off without that.
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Hincadenza that's a fair set of questions , so here it goes.

I live in Enumclaw but I have a car that is dying. I work on call in Redmond doing localization. Hence Seattle is best for me. I'm living in a shop area that's part of her garage. I get internet from her and have my own laptop.

20 years ago her and I met up. I had cancer and her father just died. We became real close real quick. People bond easy when that happens. I'm a very liberal humanist person, she is 3rd gen evangelical christian. Because of her beliefs, she kept from her mother that we were more than just friends when that was not the case. Eventually it drove us apart. We drifted and 6 months later she marries a guy to have sex with him. I stopped doing my pain pills for just , working in a record store, I moved on to heroin. I quit, and am still clean, about 3 years later. I met a woman and moved to Germany to be with her. That didn't work, got divorced and tried to make a life there. 2 years ago she finds me on facebook. In a split second, we were back together. At this point her husband was dying of cancer and she had 3 kids. Within 2 weeks we were talking of me moving back to Enumclaw. Her husband finds out and she leaves him. I grew apart from my friends while in Germany. I still have contact but the closeness aint there after 15 years and an ocean. Her husband dies and she helps me to come home. Where I am now.

I'm not without fault here. It was tough. We both fought. I'm not good with my words when I'm angry. It worked for about 4 months. One of our main problems is me finding work.I have no real skill that I learned in school and have papers to prove it. Being fluent in German is one of the few.

It started with me finding a job, then she wanted me to move. That is impossible when you make 100$ a week. I stayed here hoping something better would happen. I was wrong. My fault. It was comfortable but not right.

Future plans? To get out of this fucking hole. More defined, get a job, get certified as a German translator. I started this thread looking for groups and agencies to get me on my feet. That wont stop. but I am also trying to find a job to support me that does not involve saturated fats. I fucked over one chance I wont do it again. I quit heroin, I beat cancer this is child's play. Unfortunately, right now, I'm lost and I need to get a platform to begin and that is ask for help.

I hope that answers your questions. Feel free to MeMail me or ask here.
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I hope that answers your questions. Feel free to MeMail me or ask here.

It sounds like you've been through stuff that's more intense than I've been through. I can't imagine trying to quit heroin, and I'm not at all unfamiliar with addiction and ineffective and/or unhealthy coping. I'm intensely addicted to nicotine and I literally get dopesick when I try to quit.

Keep looking for a place. If the internet goes off is there a library w/ wireless in Aurora you can get to? What about other open networks nearby?

Keep us posted. Again, I can at least offer food or a couch for a night or two, but I realize I'm really far away and it's less useful if you can't get here. Parking here is a pain in the ass in my area, too.

What you should know is that no one can legally force you to leave where you live right now. There's a process even if you're technically or factually in the wrong.

But trying to fight for your rights is complicated. You may not get to keep the internet on, or the electricity, You're in a garage. I've lived in garages, and on the edges of the good graces of others, or on the unfulfilled agreements of others. I have no idea how to legally enforce someone else from the position of your situation to keep the internet or electricity on. In my experience any law enforcement officer from PD to Marshall/Sheriff would count you as lucky to have a garage over your head and not take your pleas for legitimate access to net and electricity seriously. You would have to sort that out in court.

But they should know enough not to throw you on the street without due process. They don't have the authority to do that without a court order.

But to be honest? I'm a wimp. I've been in your shoes and my solution is to flee and try to survive. Letting it go to the point of a Marshall or Sheriff showing up and saying "leave" under threat of force is way too long. I'd rather walk until I could sleep safely and camp and cook beans in a tin can. It's better to grab just what you need and go. Being homeless is a personal earthquake or tsunami.
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Okay, so in the short term you should be calling those help lines listed above, first thing in the morning. Do you have access to a phone currently, or not at all? I'm sure email would work- your first priority is buying yourself a little more time so you're not homeless starting this weekend. Given the time frames you talk about, I think you have some standing to not get evicted.

The next goal after that is new housing- while $100/week is almost nothing, you might find a cheap shared roommate situation, possibly in places like the U-District. Craigslist has quite a few listings for $275 and less. Do you have any saved up at this point, for first month's rent? It'll be harder as an older male, but you don't have to find something perfect, just something to be stable, safe and warm. Also, the U-District has good food banks and social service organizations. While $275/300 a month is most of your income (is the $100 after taxes?) other than housing and transport to your job food is your only critical expense. Like I said, I will try to help, and if helping you with food money to keep you going for a couple months is necessary, I will help.

I can't speak to whether you are eligible for other government aid- others may be able to chime in, but every bit helps. What days do you work? Is there any possibility of getting more hours at work? Have you been looking for other stuff for a while and just having no luck?

Keep us posted, and feel free to memail me. I am willing to spot you some money for food, or give/lend you first month's rent if you can find a cheap shared room but don't have the money saved up front.

Your first goal is to buy yourself some extra time to not get evicted.

Second goal is to find some place cheap- I can give you 1st month's financial aide here if you need it.

Third goal is to increase your income (either via aid, foodstamps which you probably qualify for, food banks etc, or ultimately moreworking hours) but it will be easier to focus on once you nail the other steps.

One step at a time, man. I was homeless for two years in Seattle, and now I own my own home. I didn't know it myself at the time, but you'll get there!
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To be clear about give/lend: if you can find a shared place to move into soon (there are some "move in immediately" listings on craigslist) I will give you the money for first month's rent if that helps (assuming that it's $400/mo or less, i.e a place you can afford at your current income). If you'd prefer it to be a loan that you pay back when you can, that's fine too.
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I do not have a phone. I asked to borrow hers and she threw it in my face. I get food stamps but they are dry right now. I have no idea what will happen tomorrow. I can do this in 3 days. Not in 3 hours. I got paid for one day when I worked 2, went out and bought a loaf of bread and filled the tank. I will keep you all posted.

Thank you. I will probably be calling in these offers. Most surreal thing for me now is wanting to talk to a chaplain.
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Yikes. I'd make some calls to friends and family, or if you don't want to spend the night in a shelter you could find something going on and make a few new friends with places to crash at. You could always get some throwaway job to make enough money to get by with a cheap place to stay. Man, dealing with housing issues sucks, I really wish you the best and I hope everything turns out alright for you!
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About phones, see if you can get a prepaid or pay-as-you-go one. They sell them at drugstores - you buy the phone itself and then you buy a card with minutes so that you can use it. There are expensive phones, but also some as cheap as $15-30.

Make sure she is aware that she can't legally just throw you out or turn off utilities. Especially in winter, I can't see the police or courts having too much sympathy for someone who turns off the heat/electricity. Ideally (I realize this might not be feasible right now) you'd be able to have a calm discussion with her about this where she gives you a written eviction notice, you agree to leave within 20 days, and you figure out a plan for doing that.

One more thing. Don't just wait until you get certified as a translator. Go to the university district and post signs saying you offer German translation and tutoring services (you should get a phone if only for this). Post on craigslist, too. Go to the German department and give them your name as someone who can help struggling students. Look as professional as possible when you do this. Post your signs near high schools that teach German too. Repeat about once a week. Maybe nothing will come of this, but it gives you something to do besides worry and might lead to something.
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it opens the door to questioning those being helped about their real situation, motives, etc., and I just think we'd be better off without that

I don't think you can offer the kind of help some MeFites have offered in this day and age without some basic levels of assurance, and I don't think it was off-base to inquire. But usually that sort of thing is handled via email.
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Update. It appears I still have some time. I found out that the msg on her facebook was something else. I obviously have internet still. I haven't gotten a call from the chaplain. I think her saying I was evicted tomorrow was just scare tactic. I need to get out of here now.
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If your computer has a microphone and you have a gmail account you can make free phone calls from gmail.
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