Help my friend wear David Ruffin's glasses?
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Can you help me identify these glasses, like David Ruffin used to wear? Or, failing that, lead me towards some decent replicas/lookalikes?

Asking for a friend: I'm looking for either a lead on what make of glasses David Ruffin from the Temptations used to wear, or suggestions on similar looking frames that would be suitable for a young, slender-faced woman. Here's a couple more pictures: one two three. In some pictures they look like Wayfarers with the "rivet" turned 90 degrees, so it's pointed top-to-bottom. But the lenses look a little thinner. In other pictures he's wearing something with thicker temples, but I don't think that's what she's going for. A lot of vintage-inspired frames seem to be really exaggerated and cartoony. Any ideas?
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Best answer: Paul Smith does a lot in similar styles, like this one.
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Admiral Haddock has come up with a very good match I think. However (and NOT being snarky here) my first thought was that I had seen several reasonable facsimiles of these frames on the bargain rack at my optometrists office...$60 and down in price.
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Best answer: Cutler and Gross model 0692.
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Fabulous Fanny's is a good place to look. This one seems close.
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Warby Parker's Japhy? They have many other models in their Women's line that might be suitable, too.
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Mine are not the same but they are sort of the same flavour, and she may be interested in some of the stuff at the site I got them from -- were very nice to deal with and have a nice selection of retro-y plastic -- Anglo American 181E have sharp rivets but hmm. It is hard to tell exactly what she's gunning for from the pix. Those Cutler and Gross in the translucent green are delicious.
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You might like looking through frames at Allyn Scura. They sell unused vintage frames at good prices, and have several pairs similar to what you're looking for.
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