Jalopnik alternatives?
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What are some fun car blogs?

I used to love Jalopnik, but now it's been destroyed by the stupid "magazine like" redesign. Any good alternatives?

Stuff I like: fixing old cars, toolblogging, DIY, hot rods, rat rods, 4x4s, especially old Willys Jeeps, rally racing, rust, old muscle cars, etc. I love Coop's blog and Hoopty Rides, but they seem kinda dead. Anything good out there?
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Bring a Trailer is a nice mix of oddball older stuff, super cars, vintage cycles, and barn finds. Definitely focused on the buying and selling aspects of older cars, but still a fun read.
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The Truth About Cars is the best.
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Hemmings Blog, Bangshift and Hooniverse are pretty good on the old car side of things.
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Seconding The Truth About Cars. They just signed up Murilee Martin so it has a lot of the ol' Jalopnik feel about it.
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Hooniverse seems to have a lot of the old commenters from Jalopnik's glory days, so that's where I spend most of my time. There aren't as many articles, but all of the posts are quality.
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There's also the Jalopnik Classic-ish View which is more similar to the old style but not exactly the same. I feel your pain, I think I'll get used to the new style but I don't like it right now either.
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Response by poster: No getting used to it, let's just boycott Gawker until the stupidity goes away!
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hellforleathermagazine.com is a nice diversion from car topics, and their coverage of electric motorcycles is pretty fantastic.

Hooniverse is great as long as you can get past the "Longroofian" and his ridiculous writing voice. It's like listening to someone parodying the owner descriptions from This Old House.
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No getting used to it, let's just boycott Gawker until the stupidity goes away!

Well, that will take a while. I left all things Gawker shortly before the password debacle; to replace Jalopnik I started reading The Truth About Cars and, man, it's better in so many ways.
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(Is TTAC still a libertarian paradise? I had to stop reading a couple of years ago.)

I like automobiliac, for more classic/race type of stuff.
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maxwelton: since Robert Farago left, the site's gone from stridently libertarian to a decently wide mishmash of viewpoints. They do still complain a lot about speed cameras, though.
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Price of His Toys mostly focuses on kit cars.
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I recommend you just start reading it through an RSS reader like Google Reader. It will then be served up to you, one article at a time with none of their formatting. That is what I do.
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Response by poster: yep, *fail*
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Curbside Classic, written by the guy who did the Curbside Classics on TTAC, launched recently. Most of the articles are ridiculously in-depth, more so than on TTAC.
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Oh, and I can't believe nobody mentioned Ate Up With Motor.
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