Why is shadowbox (in wordpress) redirecting people to the video page?
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Shadowbox redirects people to the Vimeo page instead of just opening up in a...shadow box. Here's the page. The "promo video" is in the sidebar, under "The Busking Project Promo". Here's the code I'm using.

It used to work. I just don't know what changes I've made that could have messed things up!
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Response by poster: Update: I've tried disabling all the other plugins on the site. No luck.
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You've got jquery loaded more than once, and a bunch of shadowbox.css files being loaded.

Does the shadowbox work when it's just opening an image?

Firebug shows a few errors on load, but they seem to be in simplestat.js and something with Location.toString in the player.vimeo.com.

I'm guessing it's a conflict of some sort between one of your javascript frameworks.
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First thing: there's an error in the file simplestats.js on the line: player.addModelListener("STATE"... - quoting problems.

But the bigger concern is that it looks like some aspect of your code has a permissions problems with regards to what the site's JavaScript, the error I see in Firefox is: Error: Permission denied for <http://player.vimeo.com> to call method Location.toString on <http://thebuskingproject.com>.

If it was working before, was there a change recently of some kind? Change to the html? Plugin upgrade? Addition of something else?
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Response by poster: It's working on this:


Hover over New York on the map page, and click on one of the videos listed there. However, the code for that looks like this:


That seems to work fine. But for some reason that code (which works in posts) doesn't work in the sidebar
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Response by poster: Could it be to do with this?

I recently changed the video that that was linked to. But I only changed the video ID (I think!)
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