I want this to be a triumph.
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Internet quest: I'm looking for video of a full playthrough of the game Portal, available to download. I want to be able to watch it like a movie. Google fails me.

I'd prefer video without commentary. I have found some streaming videos, but I want to be able to download it either through direct download or torrent. I have limited internet with a 250MB daily download limit, so I can't try to copy video from Youtube. But if I have a direct DL link or torrent, I have ways of making that happen.

Surely I am not the only person who has wanted this. Can anyone help me?
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This isn't downloadable but you should be able to watch it with your alloted time. I didn't look too hard but if you know about this site then sorry for the waste. Good luck, fantastic game, but why the download?
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Best answer: This seems to be downloadable and commentary-free.
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Response by poster: Thanks fearthehat, that looks perfect.

As for why, I own the game and have played most of it, but I got stuck. I'm just not that great at twitchy games. But I want to be able to watch the whole thing again. And make my husband watch it, cause he didn't enjoy playing it.
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Man, I really recommend the two of you sitting down and playing together. I bet between the both of you, you can get it done :)
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I've been wanting exactly this for some time as well. I want to experience Portal, but I just can't play first-person games. They make me dizzy and frustrated.
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Response by poster: Empath: Yeah, I don't see that ending well. I'm too afraid for the life of my flat screen. My husband might put a controller through it.

I really enjoyed playing Portal, but after spending two full days on Test 17 (I think?) I gave up for my own sanity.
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