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Another gift-filter: our friend is moving back to China!

A well-loved colleague at Big Ad Agency is moving to Beijing for new work. Although she was born there, we would like to create a China Survival Kit as a kind-of-funny-yet-thoughtful going-away gift.

As somewhat ugly Americans, what would the contents of this kit be? Go nuts. We don’t know what we’re doing.
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When I moved to China several years ago, my family and friends hosted a little going away party and gave me lots of really thoughtful gifts--most of which I couldn't take with me on the plane due to luggage restrictions. So, definitely pick things that are light. I would also suggest putting together a little "things to keep you busy while you pack kit" (food, music, alcohol, etc.).

What I really, really loved:

- Pictures . . . I immediately hung pictures of my friends and family in my new apartment.
- Packages and letters filled with my favorite foods, things I was missing and warm wishes . . . sent to my address in China. Letters and little things mailed from the U.S. made me feel top drawer.
- Books . . . if she likes to read, send her new bestsellers/things she would like. I often had trouble accessing the latest things I wanted to read.
- Best gift ever: Music/playlists! My sister made me mix tapes to listen to on the airplane . . . in the flurry of preparing to move I didn't have time to do this for myself. She also made me one three years later, when I was moving back. She included a mix of songs that were humorous and songs that represented my emotions at the time (e.g. change, moving on, etc.).
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Maybe a one year subscription to a quality VPN so she may freely surf across the Great Firewall?
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If she's into wine, get her some good German Rieslings, or other not-popular-with-the-noveau-riche types of wine (like high-quality new world reds). They're just not available in BJ. At all (Maison Boulud excluded).

Witopia offer a good VPN (iPad/Phone compatible).
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