comparing sentence structures to death
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good web resources that compares english sentence structures to death?

I am looking for web resources where authors/users compare and edit sentence structures.

I am not looking for a "hand book" type site that structures rules and gives examples. Such a resource ends up being arguable pretty bias. I am also not looking for a resource that simply exemplifies a bad sentence, then makes it better. I am looking for more in depth and complex analyses. Examples of what I mean:

i) Edits that change a good sentence into another good sentence, where one is arguably better depending on the context of the paragraph.

ii) Edits that change whole paragraphs, and argue why.

iii) A site where you can submit a sentence and people give you alternatives of what they think is a better way to say it.

iv) good interactive sites/blogs that incorporate breaking apart sentences into technical grammar as part of comparing sentence structures.


thanks mf!
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Dead trees will win this game: How to Write a Sentence by Stanley Fish.

Here's an awesome review on Slate about it.

As for the interactive component, you might try to find some kind of online writing workshop, but usually those look at whole pieces, not sentences. That's the kind of feedback I got in an advanced rhetoric course at my college 15 years ago, but I don't know if even colleges teach that stuff anymore.
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