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I’m looking for an old, rare mp3. iTunes is a no-go. Help?

I’m looking for a specific song: New World by X. iTunes has a live version, but that’s not what I’m looking for.

I don’t want to straight rip it:
a.) That’s crappy
b.) I can’t find a P2P, because I am no longer a devious teenager

Does anyone know how or where I could pay for this one song?
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posted by TheGoodBlood at 8:49 AM on February 2, 2011

Amazon has it on the Kids Are Alright Soundtrack, though you need to buy the whole album, they aren't selling single tracks.
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It's also available (all by itself) if you look for the album Poor Little Critter on The Road, by the Knitters, which is a...side project? sort of? different sound? of everybody in X except Billy Zoom. And plus Dave Alvin.
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Looks like you can find it as the first track of this download on
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Kids are Alright soundtrack has the live version only.
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I know that a negative doesn't completely solve your dilemma, but might eliminate a few places to search. I checked with Rhino, who has a lot of the back catalog: available on CD, not via MP3. Checked with eMusic, which has several albums or individual tracks for download, but not the version you are looking for. Checked with CDBaby, again, available on CD for about $6.00, but not MP3. Did not check Amazon or BN music stores. Sorry that I couldn't solve that for you. Good luck.
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TheGoodBlood: "here?"

It appears mp3mixx is a Russian site. Selling new albums for ~$2 + Russian site mostly likely means it's not legal and they're not returning money to the artist. Just an opinion, but I personally wouldn't trust them with my credit card info.

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The version on Poor Little Critter is not live, by the way.
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The Russians have my credit card info and my 15 cents. I have my song, bought on impulse. The лошадь is out of the gate now, too late.

Please don't steal my identity or the 35.04 left in my account, Russians!
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FWIW, I did the Russian thing once for the exact same reason. It's been years ago, and it never resulted in any problems.
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Just out of curiosity, what's crappy about ripping something?
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Noting crappy about ripping if you own the CD, which I do not.

BTW, mp3mixx may be Russian but payments to them are handled by Plimus, a totally legitimate PayPal-esque site. Heck, they even have a facebook page, as well as links to "verified by Visa," "Verisign Secured," which work when...oh...wait. Those links dont work. Plimus is probably updating that stuff.
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