2 devices, 1 headset.
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Is there any sort of headset I can get that I can use both with my PC and my 360? Bonus for wireless setups.

After losing 3 mics for my xbox 360 (those things just die after a while of good long use) and then breaking my cheap-o wired headset for my PC this evening, I'm trying to find a good solution for both problems and only pay one price. Any great headsets that anyone is using for both their 360 and their PC? Willing to spend a fair amount of money if the quality is good, and I'd like some personal reviews if possible. My Google-fu is pulling up lots of forum threads, but no clear-cut answers.
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Turtle Beach X31 are stereo wireless headsets compatible with both pc and 360. X11's are wired with a 16' cord. AFAIK both are compatible with HDMI.

Tritton ax180 are stereo with a 12' cord, not hdmi compatible. Ax720 is simulated surround with an external processor. Ax pro is full surround.
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Didn't buy them, but these look to do the trick. Thanks!
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