Please spoil Nier for me
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I don't want to play this video game any more, but I want to know what happens. Where on the Internet can I find a plot summary of Nier?

I finished playing Nier the other night. I liked the game enough the first time through, but I really don't want to play through it again---the story is interesting and the characters are engaging, but the gameplay just isn't up my alley at all. But I do want to know what happens and how the story pans out.

Now, I knew before starting the game that the "full" story could only be unlocked by playing through the game multiple times. I figured I'd be able to find detailed spoilers online, but this turns out not to be the case---I can find walkthroughs and forum threads, but nothing that just says "here's what happens."

Am I bad at the google? Or did this game just not sell well enough to warrant that kind of attention?

I can find recordings of the relevant parts of the game on YouTube, but that's not ideal (I'd rather play the game than watch someone else play it). The Wikipedia has a detailed plot summary, but it doesn't extend to information gleaned from the second (and third, and fourth) playthroughs.
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I often go to TV tropes when I'm looking for spoilers. It may have information about the alternate endings hidden in there.
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Worst comes to worse, you can always go on GameFAQs and ask people to tell you what happens. Be sure to mark the thread with a spoiler warning though. Some games have scripts on there as well, although it doesn't look like Nier does.
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"Let's play" is a generic term for videos of people playing and narrating game. Here is one for Nair, and the whole sidebar of videos are also videos of people playing Nair. I'm guessing if you look through some of these you can find out what happens.
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Wikipedia's article on Nier briefly talks about the ending. The last paragraph in the plot section talks about it a little bit.
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Here's a link to the first of the four endings to Neir on youtube. The others (B through D) are in the sidebar.
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Oh, and in case you wanted the complete walkthrough (endings, loot, and the whole thing), here's the Nier FAQ from Gamespot.
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