Best online flash card program for studying?
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Best online flash card program for studying?

I'm currently learning the German language. While searching for some online quizzes, I came across Quia which lets you make your own online flash cards as well as view others. Even though it costs money, there's a 30-day free trial, so I signed up and have been getting a lot of use out of it - by viewing flashcard sets created by others, and making my own.

However, once the trial runs out, it's $49 per year - turns out this is mostly a site for teachers to use, to make quizzes for their students.

So I've been searching for other - free - flashcard sites. Turns out there's a TON of them. Does anybody have any recommendations? I'm also hoping for something that I can use on my Android phone in addition to my PC - one reason I haven't switched over to Cramberry.
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Quisition perhaps?
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Quizlet.. Quizlet Mobile
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Anki is very easy (and free) and there are lots of uploaded card sets. I've never tried it on a phone though it says it has that capability.
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Anki is actually incredible - I'm a huge fan. If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, I would hugely, hugely, hugely recommend getting the App, which is actually the best thing about it. Being able to take my flashcards with me and then sync them back to my computer is incredibly useful.

A heads up - it is also seriously useful for learning verb conjugation. If you fiddle about with templates first, you can put in a tense of a verb, and it will spit out cards for all the forms. Saves a ton of time.
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Nthing Anki. The key difference is that it's a spaced repetition system, not just flash cards. Which basically means that you rate how well you remembered your fact and then the program determines when to spit that card back out at you based on a algorithm to maximize your retention. And, as others have pointed out, it's easy to use and well made.
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Have a look at Mnemosyne. It's very similar to Anki (i.e. spaced repetition system or SRS) but has been around longer. When Anki was under heavy development, Mnemosyne was more or less a final release. The interface is very streamlined and you can get cardsets for pretty much anything, including German. The website has information on a mobile version for Android too, though I haven't used that.

I'd advise you to do some super super extensive testing with whatever software you plump for. It's extremely annoying to have entered 100+ cards or have run through a set for a week only to THEN find that the software lacks a crucial feature for you.
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I am currently using anki for studying German. If you'd like to try it out I could let you see my various and sundry templates I use for verb conjugations and noun plural forms etc etc.
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Anki or Mnemosyne. There's no need to pay. Just pass on some good karma.
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