Who will deliver a lot of food and drink in Pittsburgh?
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I need to have a large quantity of drinks and snacks delivered to a hospital in Pittsburgh (for a non-profit). Usually when I do this kind of thing in NYC it is easy to use Fresh Direct, but I haven't had any luck finding a service in Pittsburgh that will take care of it for us.

The exact items we're looking for:
Bottled water
Juice boxes
Individual serving size bags of fruit snacks (e.g. Welch's)
Individual serving size bags of Teddy Grahams

In quantity for 100-150 kids. We'd like to place the order either online or over the phone and then have it be delivered (as opposed to going to the store and shopping then getting the items delivered). Can anyone recommend any specific services that operate in Pittsburgh, PA that would be able to accommodate us? Working with the hospital's food services isn't an option. Thanks very much!
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Isn't Aramark the large food services provider in PA-NJ?
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Since all the items you need are packaged, I bet a florist could do this. They're likely used to delivering to the hospital, and most of them have some kind of food service supplier (for gift baskets, etc.)
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Right by Nature market? However, it mostly carries organic items.

For 150 kids though it sounds like you should shop at a place like Costco.
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A friend of mine who does some non-profit volunteering in Pittsburgh says that the big food services in the are are Aramark, Sysco, and Sodexho.
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Could you just order on Amazon?
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Giant Eagle is the the biggest grocery store in the area, and they might be willing to help you out. I'd suggest calling the nearest store to the hospital and asking. It might not work out, but I think it might be worth giving a try.
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As That Girl said, Giant Eagle would be your best bet in the area for a local grocery store that stocks the items you are looking for. They are relatively community minded and might be willing to help. You may need to go through their corporate office though.

Right by Nature does have an online order component at http://www.goodapples.com/index.cfm, but it doesn't appear to stock Teddy Grahams.

One option that might work is the new(ish) Bryant Street Market in the Highland Park neighborhood. The owner is really great and friendly and may be willing to special order and deliver these items with enough lead time.
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