UK teenage rapper
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There was a single released in mid 2004 by a young white pop-act rapper, who we were told was going to be the next new female eminem. She may have sung about being a serial killer, but that didn't suit here, more like MC Britney S, then she disappeared without trace. Who was she?
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Princess Superstar, maybe? Although her work was of better quality than you describe.
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Response by poster: That was the name i had in my head, and i think it was around that time, but it was not her. She was perhaps much more manufactured, and a better babysitter.
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Lady Sovereign?
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Best answer: Jentina maybe...although first single was 'Bad Ass Strippa'
Estelle? (flash warning) - first single 1980's
Verbalicious? - first single don't play nice

or maybe

Phoebe One - although pretty underground...
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Although Princess Superstar was listed as 'The Female Eminem' - much of her stuff crosses genres and has been remixes into hosey-electro stuff well worth listening to....
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Response by poster: Not her im afraid, less respected
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What about Shystie? (although not white....)
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Lady Stush maybe? Or Ms Dynamite?
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I think it was an 18-year-old from England, but I forget the name. Lemme think...
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Response by poster: Thanks mattr, it was the bad ass strippa, kinda not like a serial killer though, or is it??? Appreciate all the help everyone
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Maybe it was Nellie McKay. She's still around; every once in a while there will be a blurb about her in the paper. She's not actually from England, but I think she started her act there. She sort of raps and sings and plays piano all together in a kind of cabaret style.
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