Blackberry 9700 case
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My 17-year old son is on his third Blackberry 9700 screen. At $130 a pop to repair it, it's getting rather expensive! Can anybody recommend a case, armour or force field that will protect it? He doesn't want a holster.

He usually keeps it in the front pocket of his jeans. First time the screen broke when he dropped the 'phone and we figure that the second time was due to flexing. I've googled like crazy but ended up even more confused, so I thought I'd turn to the hive... In Toronto, if it matters.
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Does he pay for replacements? If not, go with that.
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Yeah, I know blaming the victim is looked down upon here, but drive to literally any cellphone store and buy him a case. Then tell him the next repair is on him.
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Otterbox 9700 cases.
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2nding Otterbox. I drop my iphone at least once a day, my two year old throws it around, it's fallen onto concrete and then I've run over it with the stroller - not a scratch on the phone. We also got one for my 13 year old's ipod touch, which would surely be smashed by now without it.
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2bucksplus got it almost right. Drive to literally any cell phone store and let HIM buy a case. Then tell him all subsequent repairs are on him.

Also, assuming he has kept the phone in the front pocket of his jeans, leading to the sad history of screen replacements, I think there's a lesson here; like maybe learning to live with a holster or other alternative.
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When I broke my Blackberry's screen (two huge cracks/breaks right down the middle of the screen), I repaired it by putting a piece of clear packing tape on it that covered the entire screen. I was careful not to leave any air bubbles in the tape.

You could still see the cracks, of course. But you could read the screen just fine.
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Otterbox it is then! Thanks sharkfu and artychoke. BTW, if I'd wanted parenting advice, I would have asked for it.
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Not a direct solution, but if you ever move away from Blackberry I can personally attest to the strength of smartphones utilizing Corning's gorilla glass.
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Just wanted to pop in with another Otterbox recommendation. Mine is the bomb. It's the only reason my poor phone still works.
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Where exactly did HarrysDad say the kid isn't already paying for the repairs? I realize we like to question assumptions here, but the question is What can we do to reduce repair costs? not I'm tired of paying to repair my kid's phone.
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I'm interested in this question because I'm about to get an iPhone and need a serious case. Y'all recommend Otterbox, but but there are a couple different lines of Otterbox cases - which do y'all recommend?
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Otterbox Defender is the one you want if you are spazzy like me. It has a piece of plastic that covers the glass. They are about $50 at normal stores, but you can find them for $20-$30 on ebay. They are giant and bulky, but they really protect the phone.
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I can also recommend the Otterbox Defender.
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Otterbox Defender is the only way to go.
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The Otterbox Defender is the only reason my screen-porch-installing boar-hunting airboat-driving swamp-buggy-having FIL is allowed to have an iPhone.
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I have an Otterbox for my BlackBerry, which I've dropped while on a moving bicycle as well as while climbing a mountain. My BlackBerry is three years old and still looks new. Everyone above is giving you good advice.
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