What current video card will work in a six year old Mac Pro desktop system?
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What video card currently available for sale could replace the dead ATI Radeon X1900 XT in my six year old Mac Pro tower?

The ATI Radeon X1900 XT video card in my six year old Mac Pro desktop computer has died and replacements are no longer available. The Mac Pro, otherwise in excellent shape, is gathering dust until I can locate a video card which would work in place of the departed X1900. I only need to drive a single Mac Cinema HD monitor but I do use the Mac for some heavy duty video applications. Can someone please tell me what video card currently available on the market could be installed into my Mac Pro, drive my monitor and support my video/multimedia work? I've approached both Apple and ATI but neither will commit to any backwards compatibility for any of their current products. I'd really hate to trash this $6K Mac system for lack of a video card!
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If you're looking for new, this will help.
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Then again, maybe not... (just checked the video upgrades for a 2006 era quad core Xeon -- zilch!).
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If you can't find an upgrade, there seem to be plenty on ebay.
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This or this may help.

Note, these refer to MacPro1,1 (which is what I'm assuming you have). Find your exact model under 'About this Mac: More Info'.
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