Who is this "The Phantom" comic artist?
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Help me identify a comic artist of an old "The Phantom" comic. I've got this old issue from my childhood, maybe the 70s or 80s. It's a spanish translation for the South American market by Editorial Novaro.

It's coverless and the comic itself has no title nor credits, which complicates the means to identify its (great) artist.

Here are two scans:

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Lee Falk created it and worked on it until 1909, so probably him.
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I think the villain is "The Torch" in English.
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The Phantom wiki doesn't seem to be much help for Editorial Novaro.
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It looks like the place to ask is The Phantom Phorum's Old Stories section.
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cmoj means that Lee Falk worked on The Phantom until 1999, not 1909! But Lee only wrote the strip, which had various artists over the years as explained here. Sy Barry was the inker from 1962 to 1994, so he's probably responsible for the ones you linked if you have the dates right, but he probably wouldn't have drawn the pencil art. George Olesen was his penciller for much of that time.
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Best answer: If this indeed a trabnslation, then the chances are that it was drawn by someone in the US. The art here has, to my eyes, the look of Charlton Comics to it. Wikipedia says:

In the United States the Phantom has been published by a variety of publishers over the years. Through the 1940s, strips were reprinted in Ace Comics published by David McKay Publications. In the 1950s, Harvey Comics published the Phantom. In 1962, Gold Key Comics took over, followed by King Comics in 1966 and Charlton Comics in 1969. This lasted until 1977, with a total number of 73 issues being published. Some of the main Phantom artists during these years were Bill Lignante, Don Newton, Jim Aparo and Pat Boyette.

So you might look into those guys. I might go for Boyette, but I am unfamiliar with his work on this book. It just looks like ihm, a bit.
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My kingdom for an EDIT button.
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Response by poster: It's Don Newton!

I inmediately recognized his style at Lambiek's profile page.
Here's the cover of the comic I own.

Thanks everybody!
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