Clubbing clothes?
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I need to go to a nightclub in a few weeks. What should I wear?

The club is "Heaven", a usually gay club in London, although I'm not sure it's a gay night. It's fairly damn fashionable, and I'm fairly damn not. I'm a slightly overweight woman of 30-something who's not been to a nightclub for over 5 years and not bought that many new clothes in a similar length of time. The dress code says trainers OK (which is a real relief). If I have to carry a "handbag" I'm likely to lose it, so pockets are fairly essential. What do people wear to nightclubs these days? Would new cargo pants and a t-shirt be OK for a girlie or can only guys get away with being that slack?

Oh and I've got a number 4 shaved head so the get-a-nice-hairdo thing is really not an option:-)
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The key is to be comfortable while still being slightly funky. I'd go for one cool/new item and one regular thing. That could mean jeans or cargos and a new spring slinky top, or that could mean a regular shirt with hip new bottoms or skirt. I personally go for the jeans/cargo/black pants (or capris, or even a skirt once every eight blue moons) and a cooler top, because usually these places are kind of dark, or you're dancing, and the top is what makes you stand out/feel good/look sexy. BUT don't go overboard - a shaved head is great and you can play up the look, if you so choose. Great earrings, mascara and lip gloss, a bit of a nice new top [hello - go to my favourite H&M or TopShop in London. They ALWAYS have great stuff for fairly reasonable prices!] and your favourite cargos or black pants, comfortable shoes, and you'll be golden. As for the bag or purse, I agree: don't bring one. Have a little case with a card or two, ID, money, and maybe even a mobile. Even if you don't like dancing, the people watching in those situations is awesome. Have a drink before you go and you'll be a little more relaxed [if you drink], or even put on your favourite music while getting ready. Don't worry - people are usually so concerned with how they look that they won't notice that you have on your favourite pants/trousers!
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'T-shirt' and 'fashionable nightclub' doesn't quite add up. I'd say you can't go wrong with Basic Black: Black Pants and a Black Dress Shirt.

Have Fun!
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Depending on the t-shirt (color, fit, etc) you could get away with it - but given that gay boys in clubs tend to be uber trendy I'd take this as a chance to treat yourself to something fun.
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I went to heaven last year on a straight(ish) night as a mate was doing a gig there. The dress code is not particularly uber trendy so just go in what you feel comfy in. I went wearing jeans (with lots of sparkle on them) and trainers. You will find most London clubs are quite relaxed on the dress code because of the tourists. Have a fab time and if you are straight then enjoy yourself ogling the gorgeous semi naked barmen ;) (one thing you don't get in a straight club as its usually the women).

Oh and on preview - yes dress so you will be feeling cool in there as it's bloody hot! There are also lots of different passageways that take you to places you can sit and chat too so you can cool down.
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Heaven is a big, big gay nightclub -- everynight is a gay night there. I've never been but I've heard stories. It's really "shirts off grinding each other" gay. Just so you know, you seem a little uncertain of how gay, gay men can be when they really want to go gay. My friend whose gone says that everyone had on high-end designer, he didn't remember what the girls had.
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Dafyyd style?
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Ok, everyone is saying now it IS uber trendy but I didn't find it so, but then I haven't actually been on a proper gay night so it may be different the rest of the time.
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floanna - it seems like you're the only person so far who's actually been to the place, so i wouldn't be so quick to question your experience...
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If it were me, I'd go with a sparkly slinky black shirt and comfy pants. I am also an over-30 slightly overweight female, although I have long hair and glasses. If you are plump, I'd say you can't go wrong with something low cut to show off your cleavage. Surrounded by gay men, you can be show-offy and flirty without feeling sleazed upon, and maybe they will think you are Anna Matronic.
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Heaven is hot, sweaty, heaving and great won't matter what you wear as long as you are comfortable in the heat...
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I've only been once and that was to see Sasha so it was a fairly mixed crowd. I might not have experienced a typical Heaven night but it wasn't particularly dressy, certainly not Pascha levels. It's a dancing club, not a posing club - jeans and a top will be fine. And yeah, there were quite a few shirts-off boys.

Take note of the one common theme in this thread: it's insanely hot in there. Really really hot. Possibly the hottest club I've been to in the UK.

That said, it's great fun - you'll have a grand time.
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I've only been to Heaven once for a gig and that was quite a while ago. From what I recall it seems to have been designed by the same people who did housing estates in the sixties and then painted black. And yes it was hot.

I'll tell you something though - clubs haven't changed in fifteen years never mind five. You'll be fine.
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On the up side, I know when I was going to boy-bars in Chicago that were particularly hot inside... I lost a good five pounds in one evening so long as I stayed hydrated.

Hrmmm... maybe I need to get myself to the local boy-bar.
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I am also a 30-ish slightly overweight female. I am also fairly not damn fashonable. I do, however, get to go out to clubs in fun cities about once or twice a year.

You can never, ever go wrong with black. My standard club gear is a nondescript black "sweater" (knit top with a scoop neck and short sleeves) and a ankle-length very straight stretchy black skirt. I find that going for the "column of black" look makes me look (or at least feel) slightly less pudgy, and everything is stretchy so I'm comfortable. Also, the skirt is so long that I can get away with wearing simple flats or sandles and no stockings if I want (although I normally splurge and buy some "fancy" black stockings of some kind).

I also have a "handbag" which is really just a tiny (about 3 x 5 inches) pouch on a long long string which I wear crossed over me (strap on one shoulder, bag sits on the opposite hip) that contains my ID, a $20, and not much else.

Note that I'm not saying that this is what you should wear, but I hope it gives you some food for though. Depending on your appearance, I wonder if another consideration is that you might want to dress in a way so no one could possibly mistake you for a guy, as I'm sure that could lead to some uncomfortable/disapointing moments for everyone involved.

Be comfortable and have fun!
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As a gay man, my advice would be to wear as sexy and outrageous an outfit as you have ever wanted to wear. Being in a club full of gay men is the safest place a women will ever be able to do that, and half the gay men will actually NOTICE your outfit and appreciate it, without acting like it is some kind of invitation to hit on you. That, along with a friendly attitude, will have you dancing with as many of those shirtless guys as you want, and with no worries about leading anyone on too far. Wear whatever makes you feel pretty, fun and sexy. I suggest cargo pants and a fun new shirt that will be comforatble when it gets hot in the club.
You are going to have a blast.
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