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Help me brainstorm postpartum exercise!

Baby is six weeks and I'm wanting to get back into shape a bit. I used to swim regularly and will be trying to do that soon but I need stuff I can do with the baby. Walking with her in a stroller or carrier was my plan but she doesn't really love the stroller or carrier. I'm hoping that will change!

Help me think of ways to get fit that I can do with the baby!
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Baby & Mom Post Partum Yoga classes!!

They're out there!
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There are also loads of mom & baby dance classes to be had. Belly dancing, hip name it. You might also want to try a different carrier--maybe borrow one or try one in-store. Babies can be quite particular about what kind they like.
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Sort of on the "tread-desk" craze - if you have a treadmill, you can move it to where you spend most of your time, and walk at a low intensity whenever you would normally be sitting. I'm not advocating carrying your baby on the treadmill, but it is a great use of time that would normally be spent on your butt (not that you don't deserve time to sit on your butt :) ).
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I put my son in his swing (facing me and away from the TV) while using Wii Fit. He thought it was hilarious to watch me jumping around like a maniac, and I like all of their tracking features. It doesn't offer enough of a "real" workout for me now, but postpartum it was just right.
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Here is a great workout with babies from a nutrition website I read. You may not want to go lunging down the road with your baby in a stroller, but it is full of good ideas!
No Equipment? No Time? No Excuses!
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I did a lot of floor exercises in those first months with new baby. Got out the yoga mat, did a little stretching, used the exercise ball and got in a set number of sit-ups, ab, and butt routines while baby was still stationary, lying on a little blanket, whapping at the baby toys hanging from the mat thingy, and able to be detached from me just a little bit (while still in view, of course). It's not the same as a good cardio workout but it did help me feel like I was beginning again to use muscles and tone the loose flesh. Enjoy the months when baby can't crawl, walk, or run away from you. Once mobile, the workout possibilities shift considerably.
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Not exactly what you're asking, but jumping rope (three minutes at a time, three times a week) was a miracle cure for my postpartum incontinence. Learn a few jump rope rhymes and let baby watch while you jump.
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My baby's 3 months now. One thing with the carrier we found is that he complains until we really get walking. At 6 weeks, he'd cry getting into it, cry as we put on our hats/shoes/etc, quiet down as we walked down the stairs (we're on the third floor), and be asleep by the time we got out the door. We wouldn't have known if we didn't have him in there by necessity. You might want to try it just in case--take a bouncy walk up and down the block and go back inside if she hasn't quieted down. It's worked out *great* for us. (He's actually sleeping on me in the carrier right now after just coming home from a 40 minute walk.)

He doesn't seem to mind watching me play Dance Dance Revolution, at least for a few songs. Anything involving looking at me and music is fine, in fact, so performing an athletic goofy dance with weights would probably work, and not need too much prep or equipment.

For strength stuff, it's really catch-as-catch-can. I try to work in some crunches or pushups or whatever in odd bits of time--just one or two reps of however much I can manage.
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Seconding Dance Dance Revolution. When mine were small, they loooooved to watch, even into the exersaucer ages. It only stops working when they're big enough to want to help you play. ^_^
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Yup, seconding the carrier for longer amounts of time, or possibly a different carrier.

I play a game called "Dancing Baby" where I put on a song and dance with the baby, energetically, for the entire song (or for many songs). I also say "Dancing baby! Dancing baby!" pretty much the whole time which I'm sure increases the exercise factor.
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Response by poster: These are great! Thanks, y'all! I'm going to try them all. I totally forgot that we have a Wii... may need a new exercise game, though, I think we just have the one that game with the set. But, it's better than nothing.
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