Holy Sh*t! Dinosaur Jr.?!
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I just found out that Dinosaur Jr. a) just got back together with their original lineup and b) played on the Late Late Show the other night. Anyone know where I could find a video of said performance?

Also, they must have really buried the hatchet to get back together. I remember reading an interview with Lou Barlow a few years back where he said his dream was to play on SNL and behead J Mascis with his guitar before killing himself live on TV.
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I think my head is about to explode.
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After watching that performance, nprigoda, I think my head is going to explode, too. I am so going to see them when they come to DC.

Tour info here, for those interested.
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No canadian tour dates!?! I hope that changes very soon.
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Holy Smokes!

So I guess this means The New Dodge Sebadoh with 'I-Hate-J.-Mascis' powersteering is going to be recalled.

Do they still play as loud as they used to?
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And, for those that somehow missed them, the first three albums are being re-released on CD by Merge.
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For a little bit of rock history, Dino Jr. has to go down in history for the all time LAMEST personnel firing ever. As it goes, J was so tired of Lou and his gloomy attitude, that instead of firing him from the band, he and Murph told Lou that they were breaking up with band, only to hire Mike Johnson less than a week later an go out on tour.

This is awesome news. You're Living All Over Me is still one of my most favorite albums ever.
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well well well
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For those of you in and around NYC this summer, J, Lou and Murph are doing a show on the Central Park SummerStage on July 14. Man, I haven't been this happy since I saw the Killing Joke reunion tour a couple years ago. Thanks, emptybowl.
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