Fast, inexpensive Magento web host??
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Best shared web host for small Magento commerce sites?

Any recommendations for a shared web host for Magento with reasonable speed and cost? I'm not sure of the bottlenecks in Magento, but I've seen huge variance in the speed of page display and admin functions from host to host... any inexpensive hosts that have Magento hosting figured out?
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I would not run Magento in a shared hosting environment, unless you can find one performance-tuned specifically for Magento. It requires more memory than most PHP apps, and it just does a lot and sends gobs of stuff over the wire, making it sluggish even on a dedicated VM unless you make some effort to optimize it. Here's some more info and a hopeful announcement about Varnish integration that would keep you from having to do this.
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Response by poster: Thanks MC - I am hoping to find an inexpensive host performance-tuned specifically for Magento, but I realize it's a tall order.
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Nexcess offers a few shared plans. While it might not be ideal, it's certainly usable and I would recommend them as a low cost solution.
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