Poodle With a Kidney Stone
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HELP! My elderly dog has a kidney stone that is ruining his life. Anyone have any advice on easing his pain?

The dog is a 16 year old toy poodle. He also has arthritis, but as 2 different vets have told us, he is a geriatric dog, not a terminal one. A kidney stone should not be a "game ender" for him. He still has his little sparkle, and theoretically this WILL get better. This dog is my "baby", and I can't see euthanising him for something as stupid as a kidney stone unless I am certain we have no options left.

The problem is, he is in a great deal of pain right now, and everything we have tried has done little or nothing to make him more comfortable. We have taken him to 3 different vets, tried several different pain medications (the narcotics made him panicky and neurotic, the NSAIDS made his liver enzymes skyrocket). Surgery isn't an option, because of his age and the fact that his liver functions are still out of whack.

Right now we are taking him to an holistic vet and have him on some treatments/diet (in conjunction with the mainstream meds for infection) that seem to be working better than before, but I am hoping someone has dealt with this and can offer some advice on making him more comfortable until this either passes or subsides.

Also, if anyone knows of a veterinary acupuncturist who does housecalls in the Seattle area, that would help a great deal. Or anyone who can help?? ANYTHING??? I am desperate!
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Have you seen an internal medicine specialist yet?
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Seconding internal med specialist. The stone will have to come out, and perhaps they would be able to manage his pain without messing with his liver. Might want to call either WSU vet school or Oregon State vet school and find out if they have a specialist on staff. Lithotripsy or using a fluoroscope are both minimally invasive. He really isn't too old for surgery, just a higher risk.
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My two-year-old mutt had recurring UTIs, which prompted an ultrasound and then an x-ray. The tests revealed several struvite stones in her bladder. My vet put her on prescription kibble (Royal Canin Urinary SO14) and three months later they are GONE. See an internal medicine vet and ask what (if anything) can be done with diet.

I have no interest in Royal Canin except as happy dogmother.
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Pain management specialist. You need a combination of pain meds for him, it is almost never the case that a single medication is the best choice for pain management.
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My cat had struvite crystals. She'd hiss and spit after coming out of the liter box because it hurt. We did the prescription food too and the vet gave me Cosequin (lists some kind of glucosamine as the main ingredient) which was suppose to coat things inside to make the stones less painful. It was chicken flavored powder that you'd put over food. My cat enjoyed that. I also stepped up on having fresh cold water out all the time since it helps stones/crystals from forming. My cat is no longer having problems and is back to regular food now after a couple years of urinary formula food.

The only other thing I can recommend on the pain front is many years ago I got one of my cats spayed and the vet gave me a valium for her. I feel like a bad person because she'd stand up, fall down, then look confused and happy and it was adorable. We put her on the couch and had to keep an eye on her until it wore off (3 or 4 hours). It seemed to be very effective because she was absolutely feeling no pain. Your results might vary. Good luck and hope you find something that helps!
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