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Trying to remember the name of an artist who does fantasy landscapes usually involving waterfalls, caves, and castles, with a touch of mystery and secrecy.

I know, that's a pretty broad start, but hear me out. I'm pretty sure he's got a German or Norse-sounding name (not Brom though). The landscapes tend to have some kind of "secret revealed" look to them; one is a waterfall being "pulled aside" like a curtain to show another landscape behind it. One is of an empty stone prison cell, with a patch of sunlight falling on the floor from a single small window, and in the sunlight patch you can see the floor is actually an incredibly tiny landscape, with a river and so forth... one is of a green landscape and castle apparently hidden inside a vast cavern... one is of a castle or something perced on top of a precarious rock on the edge of a waterfall, with water pouring past on all sides. (But it's not this one. It's seen more from below, not above, and there's no bridge, and it too looks a bit like it's inside a cave.)

I'm pretty sure they were done with real media instead of CGI, and the last I recall looking at them was about six years ago.

I'm goin' crazy trying to remember who this was! And as you can imagine, Googling for "fantasy landscape castle waterfall" turns up a lot of very nice pictures but none of them are the guy I'm thinking of. The one I really want is the prison-cell-landscape one...
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Michael Whelan?
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Whelan doesn't do quite that kind of thing, generally.

I can't think of anyone specifically, but maybe Vladimir Kush? (Okay, the name is wrong, but those wires could get crossed...)

(Castle and waterfall...but still from above)...and I don't think you'd mistake Alon Chou for a Norse name.

There's another artist whose name I'm trying to remember, but I can't quite.

If the artist doesn't work in the realm of novel illustration and whatnot, you may have more luck searching neo-surrealist sites and adding "neo-surrealist" or "surreal" rather than "fantasy" to your search terms.

Good luck!
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Nicholas Roerich?
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I think this is probably wrong, but Jacek Yerka?
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Response by poster: HANS WERNER SAHM! That's it! I remembered!! Thanks you guys! As I was looking at the names and pictures suggested I was thinking, "No, no it's more... Hans... Something. Hans... Sahmm.... OH!" So I couldn't have done it without you! THANKS!
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