Looking for website or tool to create and manage mini contests.
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I am working turn my life into a game/competition. I have larger goals (like weight loss) that I am breaking down into shorter goals. Then to make these goals more fun, I am turning each goal into a competition. Do you know of a way to create these goals as a contest online with data entry and a mini chart?

Right now my wife and I are an a weight loss contest. Each week we weigh in on Sunday night. The person that wins (by losing the most the previous week) gets a small prize (20 doughnuts - I joke!).

I just recently used Fafarazzi to run an online celebrity game/draft. That was really fun and super addicting. I was hoping to there would be a way to run our contests online so they have more of teh fun time super value.

Weight loss is just an example application. I would prefer a tool/site that isn't specific to weight loss. I feel like the needs are generic enough that hopefully there is a tool out there that would handle any simple contest/goal.

Do you know of any online tool/charting application that has the following features:

1. A chart that shows current info (in this case weight) of all contest participants.
2. Support data entry as well as charting. Most that I have found don't do both.
3. Support for multiple users. This way everyone can enter in their own progress.

Nice to have:
1. include a reminder email if someone hasn't keyed in their data
2. show basic stats - days remaining in contest, etc.
3. a snippit of code you could use to embed your progress chart in another webpage
4. profile page - show goal & current weight & amount left to lose (maybe even expected completion date?)
5. Enter in a start and end date for the contest.
6. Display a winner! whenever the contest ends
7. a way to mock the person losing :)
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You're definitely looking for Health Month.
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Stickk.com might appeal to you.
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