How to get into the Frankfurt book fair?
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Long shot filter: short of getting a new job in the publishing industry or as a journalist, how can I get into the Frankfurt Book Fair on "trade visitor" days?

I'm conducting research that has to do with the German publishing industry, so I'd like to attend the entire book fair - including the days it's not open to the general public. However, I am not a journalist and do not work in the publishing industry, so I don't seem to qualify as a "trade visitor." Do you have experience with this event? How serious are they about these restrictions? Would my academic credentials get me in (maybe if I explain my research to the right person)? Or is this hopeless?
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The website says:
You are a trade visitor, if you
* are engaged professionally in the development, production, distribution or promotion of print and electronic media as well as art
* work in education
Sounds like your research credentials ought to put you under "word in education".

When you try to register as a trade visitor, one of the options is:
Shortened registration is free of charge and only enables you to buy a trade visitor ticket or to exchange a voucher for the next Frankfurt Book Fair.
Just go for this option.

Further on, it does say that they reserve the right to require proof, but I doubt if they actually follow up on that. For online registration, it is just a self-declaration check-mark. There is an option to register as premium visitor for 24 Euros, so I am quite sure that anyone can register as a trade visitor.
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