Help me identify this mystery etching
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Help me find the artist who made this etching.

I bought the etching at an antiques fair a couple of years ago. The seller didn't have any information about the artist other than the name and a guess that it was english, probably early 20th century.

Here's a picture of it, and here's a closeup of the signature.

The surname appears to be Marsden, and the monogram (also visible in the second image) seems to indicate the initial 'S'. I can't tell what other initials there may be in the signature (is that an 'S' and a faint 'J'?).

If anyone can art-sleuth this better than I can, I'd be grateful.
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Can't find any record of the monogram. Can't find record of an artist which would fit, here are the records for Marsden sold at auction since 1990 -

David Marsden (1949-)
Edith Frances Marsden (1880-)
G Marsden (19th C)
N Marsden (19/20th C)
Theodore Marsden (fl.1860-1890)
W Marsden (19/20th C)
Walter Marsden (fl.1915-1940)
William Marsden ((19th C))
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Stella Marsden?
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Looks a little bit like Eli Marsden Williams, in terms of style:
closeup of image
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Response by poster: > Stella Marsden?

Hmm. The initials are right, but I can't see any resemblance in style.

> Looks a little bit like Eli Marsden Williams, in terms of style

I agree, and I'd spotted the name during my searches, but Eli Marsden Wilson (more info) seems to have always signed his work 'E. Marsden Wilson' in a very different hand than the one used on this etching.

Thanks for the suggestions. I suspect this may just be a sketch by a little-known artist whose web presence is nil.
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