I want to be a "doctor" when I grow up (which will be never)
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I wannabe a doctor: What's the cheapest / easiest way to get an online "doctoral degree?"

It'd be great if the "institution" it came from either sounded very prestigious (e.g. "stamford [sic] university"), or completely ridiculous.

Thanks hive mind.
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You do know that there really is a Stamford University, right? Not saying it's prestigious, but it does exist.

Anyhow: here, here, here, or google "fake degree" and you will get bunches.
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Check your spam filters. I'm sure an offer will appear there soon. (Oh, how tempting it was when I was getting my actual PhD...)
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It sounds like you want this to be an obvious fake/joke, so why bother paying real money and supporting some creepy fraudulent online diploma mill? You can just make up a school and put together a diploma yourself, or use one of many easily Googled online joke diploma generators. Or else buy or make a diploma from a fictional university — Miskatonic, Starfleet Academy, that kind of thing.
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Not online, but you can get a PhD in Tequila from Tommy's Mexican Restaurant in SF.
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I hope you realise it's bad form to apply for a fake diploma in your own name.

The correct protocol is to apply in the name of your pet.

See this list of institutions to give you any manner of qualifications.
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As a birthday present some years ago, I was given an mail-order ordination package that came with an honorary doctorate of divinity. So in one fell swoop, Mr. Zombiedance became the Reverend Doctor Zombiedance.
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Here's the real deal. Degrees given in 7 days based on things you already know. Choose your major. Choose your GPA.
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I'm an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church of Modesto, California. They offer a Doctor of Metaphysics, among many others, for $29.00.
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Don't waste your money on the other programs which feature unrealistic things such as stickers for seals, incorrect fonts, illegal email verification and more. Insist on the Best, our Programs adhere to the strictest standards, raised ink text, embossed foil seals with impression on back of diploma, Fax or Phone Verification. Official Anti-Copy Transcript Paper and much more

Don't forget to compare their program vs competitors (found at the bottom of a page ironically titled "The Quality of Your Colege Degree & Transcript").
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What if one wasn't looking for a 'fake' institution / degree? That is, what's the fastest / cheapest / easiest (no, I don't want to pick two) way to get a doctorate that's recognised by accrediting authorities (like the AQF in Australia), even if they throw up in their own mouths when they see it?
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I, too, am affiliated with the Universal Life Church; that's where I got my D.D. (Doctor of Divinity) degree for $25, if I remember correctly. The Ph.D. was slightly more -- $50?

Since I already have a legit PhD, I decided to get the DD in my own name rather than a pet's.)
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