Can you help me find a luxury car commercial?
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Looking for a car commercial that made fun of luxury brand "types," for Hyundai or Infiniti perhaps?

I'm working on a presentation on branding for nonprofit organizations, and using car company brands to help explain the general concept of brand.

I saw an ad in the past year or two that I think would be really helpful for explaining this, but now I'm having trouble finding it. Basically, it showed what what the audience for each luxury brand is: BMW was a middle-aged guy in a leather jacket, Mercedes was a well-dressed older couple, etc.

Can't even remember what company the ad was for, but the gist was that you were being stereotyped, and you should break out of it and buy their luxury car instead. Might have been Infiniti or Hyundai.

Anyone remember and have a link?
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Not exactly what you describe, but possibly this?
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That's it! Funny how the memory never quite gets it right. Thanks very much, iconomy.
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This one is also from Audi, with the same basic idea:
"Instead of pointing out the virtues of Audi vs. the competition, the four-ringed automaker hammers home the long standing stereotypes associated with the other players in the luxury market. The creepy couple in the BMW convertible cuts off a Prius and the driver has a Bluetooth headset on his ear. The Mercedes owner is an old man with a hot young bride, and he he drives away with the wipers going and his blinker on. The Lexus owners are yuppies with twins who appear to have a devil-worship problem."
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