Good VHS to DVD conversion service
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Recommendations for VHS to DVD converting services?

AskMe has a couple of threads for do-it-yourselfers, and a post on how to get into this business, but I couldn't find reviews of existing services, except for a note in the comments.

Does anyone have good experiences with a service that will convert VHS to DVD? I have a bunch of old family home movies I've been meaning to convert for my dad; however, it's hard to find reviews online, and the one site I was interested in had really mixed reviews, and I couldn't tell which were real or not. I have about 6 tapes, and my spouse (who is interested too) has a whole box - I'm not looking for too much fancy, just a good transfer with good quality audio. I'd consider springing for the editable files, but it's not a requirement - and I have no time urgency. I'd love to give these to my dad next Christmas. :)
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Where are you?
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Response by poster: I'm in NYC, but I have no problem mailing things out - I'd assume the online services are better and cheaper than what I can find in my neighborhood (though I'm willing to be disabused of that notion); I sent out all our photos a while back for scanning and digitizing and got a much better deal than I was offered anywhere in town.
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I had it done at Costco a couple of years back. I think it was $20 for one tape to DVD, but they threw in an extra DVD for free (might have been a special promotion at the time). Obviously, you need a membership to use their services, which might be a dealbreaker for some. I think it took about a week.
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Response by poster: I eventually took a risk on a site called "Family Memories to DVD" based in New Jersey - the processing was speedy and I felt very good, in terms of what they had to work with, the turnaround time was fast - within a week - and the pricing was, I felt competitive.
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