Can you recommend any unknown gems for a romantic getaway outside of London by car (2-3 hours drive)?
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Can you recommend any unknown gems for a romantic getaway outside of London by car (2-3 hours drive)?

I'm thinking of taking my sweety outside of London, England to a cottage/hotel/b&b, with something in the vicinity to see or do, over the second weekend of February. Doesn't need to be posh or expensive. Hopefully will be artistically or culturally enlightening.
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I can recommend the foodie weekend breaks at The Elms in Worcestershire. My wife and I were there a couple of years ago and it was excellent.
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The Crazy Bear at Stadhampton, just outside Oxford, is pricey but is a unique and very romantic hotel, and obviously there's plenty to see and do in Oxford.
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Nothing in the UK is going to be particularly cheap for a romantic break over the Valentine weekend.

A leftfield option is to see if you can get a cheapo Eurotunnel ticket, I'd consider going to Wimereux in France for a weekend. It's a lovely little town and plenty to explore from there. It still fits your 3 hour limit from London, too. The ferry will take slightly longer but may well be cheaper.
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I've always wanted to rent with the Landmark Trust , who look after a whole bunch of historic properties, sleeping 2-10+ people around the UK. If you can get booked in, should be pretty unique accommodation.
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Well, I have rented from the Landmark Trust. Specifically Swarkestone Pavilion, in Derbyshire. Incredibly romantic, and the canals and little towns nearby are perfectly nice for a little wander. In particular, there's a lovely intimate restaurant called Mileburne (like, 4 tables intimate) just down the road that would be perfect for a romantic meal.
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I know it's a bit further than you wanted (5 hours by car or train), but St Ives in Cornwall is a lovely place, and is very well known for its art scene... its even got its own Tate gallery.

If that's too far, then i'd go with Oxford or Cambridge, although it will probably be too cold to go punting on the Cam!
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Stonehenge might be nice? If you do go there, make sure you also go to Avebury, not too far away. It's just a regular English village with a stone circle intersecting with it. The contrast with Stonehenge is interesting. If you see the stone circles as spooky at all, the fact that the village just sits there ignoring it can be quite eerie.
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