An astro-Freudian fever dream?
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Help me find a series of videos that remixed the awful TV show Alf.

I'm assuming my googling is just weak here, but I can't find these videos. I may even have seen it on MetaFilter, but no luck searching there either. They feature Alf and Willie edited into (mostly sexually) unsavory situations with a vaguely David Lynchian tone.

Please help me because if I hallucinated these or something then I'm in real trouble.
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Best answer: Jandrew Edits, my dear also tons ot ST:TNG edits. By the same guy who does MSpaintadventures
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Best answer: Were they the ones at the bottom of this page?
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Response by poster: Yes! I knew this would be easy for Ask.
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So disturbing.
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I haven't laughed so hard in days.
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Brilliant. Influenced by this, I'm sure.
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