How do I contact Neopets?
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How do I contact Neopets, preferably via e-mail?

I would like to contact Neopets. I have found this website (, but I do not need to report abuse, submit a support ticket, or contact their legal department. I also do not want to snail mail them something because of the probable delay in hearing back. I am also aware of 1.877.NEOPIAN (877 636 7426), which, as I understand, is only for premium users.

I would love just a regular old "send queries here" e-mail address or generic phone number.

Reason being: my brother is autistic. He has had a Neopet since February 23, 2001. That's right, his Neopet will be 10 years old in 3 weeks. He has played with/fed/whatever you do with Neopets! his little friend several times a week, every week, without fail, for the past 10 years. His JubJub has been a constant in a life where change causes a lot of anxiety. I would really like to contact Neopets, let them know about this, and see if they might consider... anything, really! Reaching out to my brother to say, "congratulations," maybe giving him a special item, I don't know, I don't know that much about Neopets. I just know that it would be a great surprise and would make Danny really happy. There must be SOME way to make this happen... right?
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You could try contacting the editorial section of the "neopian times" newsletter/newspaper thing they have on there. As you can see if you scroll to the bottom of the editorial I linked to, they sometimes publish and respond to letters from people. I don't know if you want to do anything so public (and I assume they get hundreds and hundreds of submissions through there), but it's another possible way to contact/get a response from them. It may require you to make an account though.
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I found this feedback form. It was on the Contact Us page, next to the option to submit a ticket.
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I don't think I understand why you don't want to simply submit a ticket? It seems to be the most direct way to contact them, and the likeliest to elicit a response. Is there something I'm missing?
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Back in the day, I was a hardcore Neopets user and many a time sent very obnoxious emails to the staff to complain about issues I personally had from the site. This was before they revamped the contact us part of the website and before it was such a popular site, so the staff would actually sometimes reply via email. The following are emails of staff who have, in the past, actually sent a personal reply back to me, rather than something generic. I'm not sure if they are still in use or whatnot, but it may be worth a try. (They are listed in order of most recent to oldest, the first being from 2007, the last being from 2004... I had a lot of complaints.)


The general email address was:

As for phone numbers, no dice.

Good luck.
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trip and a half - I don't have a Neopets account, and to submit a ticket requires your username.
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srrh, I don't know if you already know this, but Jessamyn has put a callout on twitter. Fingers crossed that someone knows someone who can help.
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Thanks for the update, malibystacey9999! That is awesome - thank you so much Jessamyn!
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You could just get an account? It would take like two minutes and they're free.
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A few of these answers seem a little snarky. I apologize if anything about my post rubbed people the wrong way. I researched on the Neopets forums and found many, many, many people complaining that their support tickets were not responded to for a minimum of 3-6 months, even when the problem was their accounts being frozen. If there's a more direct way of contacting someone, that would be great.
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If you're talking about my answer, I really didn't mean it in a snarky way, but I see how it reads that way. Sorry, and good luck. :)
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The support request I placed last week was replied to within 24 hours with a personally written reply that answered my question. Those tickets really do go to a real person and get read, it's just that the less urgent or more complicated ones are probably triaged (and sorting out frozen accounts has always been a huge hassle, I wouldn't get too worried about that for your unrelated issue). The email I got was from and it said I could reply to that account by email or sign in and use the ticketing system, so you could try there directly. Otherwise either make an account or use your brother's and submit a ticket.

And I didn't see any snark anywhere so you may be a bit overly defensive.
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Yeah, unfortunately Neopets pretty much goes out of their way not to publish phone numbers and the like because they've got so many users that are angry at them for their terrible, terrible customer service. 3-6 months is probably one of their better turnaround times - I submitted a ticket in January of 2010 because the item code for one of their merch plushies I'd bought wasn't working, which is relatively simple for them to fix, and I only just got a reply a couple of weeks ago. And I had a premium account. Shelleycat, I want your ninja skills if you got a response in 24 hours!

I did however get a reasonably fast (and pleasant) response from once, so that one might be worth a try.

I think your advantage here is that you have a relatively unique query that will stand out amongst the deluge of rage that I'm pretty sure they receive on a daily basis. I'd personally sign up an account and submit a ticket, but I just wouldn't get your hopes up that they'll actually do anything. Their default in a lot of cases seems to be to assume users are lying through their teeth, so I'd just prepare yourself for them dismissing you as someone just trying to get free stuff out of them.
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Why not just call the premium number anyway? Just say tell the operator that you need to know who to get in touch with to make something happen. If they require you to input your member # or something, just hit 0 until you get the operator. Either they'll say yes or no and it'll be faster than waiting for an email response.

Good luck! I hope you can get something special done for your brother :)
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The Yahoo Company Profile lists their main number as:
450 N. Brand Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91203

Googling the number finds a few other official references to the company. I'm not sure who you should speak to once you call though. Perhaps reach out to PR, or ask for the President's Office. You won't get to speak to the person in charge, but may get to an admin assistant who knows who you can talk to.

Good Luck!
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This is fabulous! What a great sister you are.

The head of Neopets is Kyra E Reppen, Chief Executive Officer
Neopets Inc
PO Box 10263
Glendale, CA, 91209-3263


Other execs are:

Vice President Eric Greenwald
Human Resources Contact Dale Rosenkranz
Co-Founder Donna Williams
Director Technical Develpment Jennifer Goodie
Senior Vice President Rik Kinney
President Doug Dohring
Information Security Executive Hj Lee
Senior Vice President and General Manage… Rosie O Neill
Asia President Billy Shum
Director of Programming Matthew Byrnes
Director of Market Research Dave Longley
Chief Financial Officer Peter Green
Operations-production-Manufacturing, Manager Tom Whelan
Chief Executive Officer Kyra E Reppen
Chief Financial Officer Patty Lutton
Executive Vice President Business Stephanie Cameron
Integrated Marketing Manager Lora Kurtenbach

Neopets is owned by Viacom. You can try contacting them too.

When you contact them, send email with a follow-up letter via snail mail.
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My experience with Neopets has been overwhelmingly positive when it comes to customer service -- and I have been a member of the site for 12 years. I would try a couple of different avenues:

a) submit a "help" support ticket for a general issue, state your case, and request assistance in making this a reality
b) contact them directly at the phone number in the comment above

For what it's worth, Neopets *is* owned by Viacom but it is actually a subset of Nickelodeon. Viacom will not trickle down a request like this. You're going to need to contact the folks at Nickelodeon Virtual Worlds (which is located in Glendale, CA) to make something like this happen.

I'd like to put it out there that there is a big community of teens and adults on Livejournal who are avid Neopets users (myself included) and we would LOVE to help you celebrate this milestone with your brother. Feel free to memail me if it would be okay for me to give everyone a heads up and I'll organize an anniversary bash because This Is a Big Deal! :D
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(Please let us know how this turns out. I would love to see a positive ending here!)
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Neopets got ahold of me and said they're trying to contact you via Twitter. Check your ... Twitter?
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They have reached me via Twitter! I hope to hear more soon! Thank you SO MUCH! I will update!
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