Are These Eggs or Something Else?
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What the HECK keeps appearing above my dog's butthole?

I don't now if these are flea eggs or what, but almost every day when I groom my dog, I see a two or three of these small, hard yellow things that look like rice grains hanging next to my dog's butt, clinging to his fur.

We're currently treating the dog and house for fleas, but its an ongoing battle.

Are these eggs or something else? It's so weird how they keep reappearing...BLEAGH...

Apologies for no photos...I'll try to snap a few next time. But really, imagine grains of rice that are yellow, two or three of them that appear every other day.
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Best answer: I'll bet they're tapeworm segments which are spread by fleas. My cat had them before.
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Best answer: Ditto, sounds like tapeworm segments.
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Best answer: Nthing tapeworms. Get rid of the fleas, treat the tapeworm, and your dog will be good to go.
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Best answer: Yep, definitely dried up tapeworm segments. If you happen to see them when they are fresh, they crawl (aggh!) The presence of fleas are another indicator: tapeworms require fleas as an intermediate host and are how your dog got tapeworms.

Treatment: wormer from your vet, and step up the flea control. Without the former, your dog will continue to hold a tapeworm and shed segments. Without the later, he'll just reinfect himself with another tapeworm.
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Response by poster: Oh, gross.

Thanks guys. It's good to know the tapeworms are easier to treat than the fleas, at least. ARRRGH
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Best answer: Yep. Worms.
De-worm, the keep them away with a rigorous flea control program. Fleas lead to worms.
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