I want these ingredients on a justice league of flavor
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Perhaps you have the knowledge of some salad-y (i.e., meatless and somewhat easily prepared alongside other dinner items) side dish in which jalapeno, a red pepper, rosemary, and thyme work in harmonious concert.

I would like to use up these things in my fridge in one fell swoop for no pressing reason other than to see it happen. Bonus if I can use a can of corn and a can of black beans. Picking up a few essential ingredients not a problem.
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They all sound like delicious ingredients to add to cous cous.
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If I had those ingredients, I'd probably cook 'em all together with a cup or two of rice. Maybe use a can of beef broth instead of water, but that might violate the Meatless Clause.
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I love whole-kernel corn and diced pepper sauted in butter, with rosemary. The trick is to saute it on medium-high until it the corn starts to carmelize and popping. I've not tried it with jalapeno and thyme, but I think you could work those in there to good effect. If you go for the whole-pantry sweep, I'd toss in the black beans last, after the corn is good and carmelized.
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I should add that in our house, when we make couscous, it's to use up a bunch of ingredients in the fridge. We buy the couscous in bulk (it's SUPER cheap) and keep it in a glass jar. We also keep quinoa and brown rice on hand too for the same reason but couscous seems to work best with almost anything. It's also really good leftover and doesn't dry out like rice tends to sometimes.
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Sounds like they'd all work well in a quinoa salad too! Quinoa goes with everything, like couscous.

SomeTrickPony's recipe sounds delicious :)
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Go stuff it. The Bell pepper that is.
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Another direction would be a vinegary slaw, if you have some cabbage or fennel to play the leading role.
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