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Best events/arts/concerts listings website for Vancouver? Best way to keep myself informed about local events?

I just moved from Toronto to Vancouver, and I'm looking for a page I can bookmark that will keep me posted on things happening around the city. Live music, readings, exhibitions, theatre, etc.

In Toronto, the Now Weekly Daily Events page was exactly what I needed. What's the equivalent in Vancouver?

Bonus points for any new-to-Vancouver tips, including things/places that are not to be missed.
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Scout Magazine's list is very well curated, I love it.

LiveVan can be useful for live music. It has everything, which is both good and bad.

The Georgia Straight has comprehensive listings for lots of different types of events, and is usually worth consulting if you can't find anything to do on a given weekend.

Welcome to Vancouver!
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Georgia Straight is always good.
The Vancouver is Awesome site has an events page.
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the push international performing arts festival is on right now, very cool. sorry for lack of links, im on my phone. also, ahem, my band two apple tobacco is playing tmr at the penthouse, if youre into madcap pan apocalyptic zappa inspired rock.
other info sources:
guttersnipe news
vancouver theatre guide (very good)
memail me if youre very into theatre, as that is sort of my thing.
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Definitely the Georgia Straight; even if it doesn't contain exhaustive listings of, say, a festival's specific contents, it will at least give you a heads-up about these sorts of things going on so that you can know to look elsewhere for more information. You'll almost always find one in caf├ęs around the city too, as well as in free boxes, but their website is equally fantastic.

I consider that newspaper one of my most-missed things about Vancouver for precisely that reason; when I was researching equivalent papers in this part of the country, I found it quite comparable to Now in Toronto.
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