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what is the style of architecture of this house?
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I'd call it a ranch-style house, but there's probably a more specific term.
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Modern ranch.
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I can't tell in the picture. Are the windows on the right and middle of the house reflective or transparent (and you can see clear through to the other side?)?

If they are just reflective, then it is probably a split level ranch.

If you can see clear through the house, and that middle area is a breezeway of some kind, it might be a hodge podge of modernism using standard american materials. (private space on one side, public space on the other, clear demarcation between the two).
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Sorry, given the 1981 date, it's a Contemporary Ranch
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In mid-Atlantic US, a house that's all on one level would be a "ranch", "rancher" or "rambler". Is this all on one level? If not, maybe it's a "split level" (where the floors are offset, so for example you might enter on one level and go up or down half a floor to the next level)?
The house has an "attached garage".
In a real estate ad, I think this house would be described as "contemporary".
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A true modern ranch wouldn't have the attached garage sticking out like that.
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Looks like a variation of a salt box design to me.
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It's a snout house.
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American Suburban Hodge-Podge.
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Contemporary is indeed most likely what this would be called in an ad. It only shares the (probable) open plan and single-story design with the ranch, which normally has a very low profile roof and broad eave overhangs.

The garage looks like it was added later, even with the asymmetric roof, but I could be wrong -- it just seems to jar with the glass and half-peak roof look of the house itself. If you want to get more specific, this sort of thing, particularly with the minimal eaves, is sometimes called "modern shed".
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It's a contemporary ranch, but bostonterrier is right...the snout house epithet applies. The garage is the most prominent feature, and protrudes.
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