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Friday I'll be near Calistoga, CA. I need to be in San Francisco by Saturday late afternoon. What kind of outdoorsy-scenic-type thing can I do between the two. Bonus points if there's a cool place to stay near by.

I have a good chunk of Friday and a good chunk of Saturday for this. I'm kind of shying away from wine tasting-type options because I've done those before.
Extra Bonus Cool-kid points if you also know of a good thing to do Friday night (restaurant, bar, event, etc.)
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Muir woods is nice, as is any hike on Mt. Tam (Pantoll is a nice starting point for a hike as well). There's a bunch of places to stay in/near Mill Valley/Sausalito.

Friday night there's a Jane Miller poetry reading in San Rafael.
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The John Muir Woods is off of the 1 north of San Fran. Very scenic area. There are some good hiking trails.

Or just drive the 1.
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- Hot air balloon. You'll probably need to check on weather conditions and availability on short notice.

- Bike ride and picnic. You can pick up bread, cheese, fruit, and wine from the Palisades Market in town and rent bikes from Calistoga Bike Shop about 2 blocks away.

For restaurants, I'm a big fan of Bistro Jeanty (rustic French; in Yountville) though my current favorite is the garden seating at Martini House (Italian; in St Helena).
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My sister once ended up living in Calistoga for a few years after a hitchiking "mishap"... The Culinary Institute offers great food. There are a million and one wineries in stumbling distance as I recall, and you could technically think of walking from one to another as an "outdoor activity". The Calistoga Spa Hot Springs are a nice place to stay and/or relax, and I enjoyed the coffee and baked goods at the Calistoga Roastery.
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Safari West. Outdoorsy-scenic activity *and* lodging.
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