Change date of a digital photo
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I've got quite a large number of photos on my hard drive date have a generic date because the date was not properly set on my digital camera. Is there an easy way to change the dates of these (preferably in a batch process)?
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If you're using Windows, you can use Better File Attributes
posted by skwm at 2:56 PM on April 19, 2005

It doesn't look like Better File Attributes knows how to set EXIF dates. It looks like it only knows how to fiddle a file's inode.

If you're doing the Windows thing -- you don't say anything about the platform you're using -- maybe something like Exifer can help do the batch processing of EXIF fields?

I know jhead can do it, if you're inclined to work with a command line tool. It works on just about every popular system platform.
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I don't know if Exifer can do it directly, but it can definitely export the EXIF data to text files, and import it again after you fix them.
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If you are using OS X, you can select the range of photos in iPhoto and choose Photos > Batch Change... from the menubar. One of the options there is for changing the date.
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Thanks. I think either iPhoto or Exifer will help me out!
posted by Yukon at 5:11 PM on April 19, 2005

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