Other uses for my yogurt maker?
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Is there any use for my yogurt maker other than making yogurt? Or do I just keep the 8 plastic cups with lids and throw out the heating unit?
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I assume the heating unit is broken? or you don't like yoghurt?
Might be helpful if you tell people why you are thinking of throwing out the heating unit.
If it is broken, it could be a good seed starter and then you could replant the seedlings once it is warmer out.
If it works, you could put wet rolled up washcloths in it and have warm towels for your face/wiping a baby etc.
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You can make heat-infused herbal oils; here's some instructions. This idea makes me think you could probably brainstorm other applications that need a steady source of low heat.
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The guys at chowhound couldn't come up with anything dramatic, but suggest trying non-dairy (soy, coconut) yogurts if you just don't like the yogurt you're making much.
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The yogurt maker is the ultimate single-use kitchen accessory (well, maybe penultimate -- a margarita maker is even more useless). If you get rid of the heater, you won't miss much. Whenever I've made yogurt, I've done it on the stovetop, then moved the milk to an Igloo. Works just fine.
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Response by poster: I should clarify: the heating unit works, but given my access to inexpensive organic yogurt at my food coop, I have no incentive to make my own. In fact, walking home with heavy quarts or gallons of milk are total disincentives. But seed starting and infused oils are good ideas! With those I bet I can brainstorm some more...
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You could probably use it to make a sourdough starter and then, yummy yummy bread! In fact, I don't know how big the cups are, but maybe you could raise ordinary bread dough in them during winter or if your house is otherwise too cold for it to work on the countertop?
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