A Dog Tag in Greek Characters
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Where can I get a pet ID tag engraved with a Greek girls' name?

Everything I see online is for fraternities and I need five letters. Do I have to import one from Greece?
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There is probably a place to do this online, but have you tried calling engravers or trophy shop-type places in your area? A bricks-and-morter place might be the easiest here.
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You can buy a blank pet ID tag and have a local engraving shop engrave it for you. I've had engravers in the US use Cyrillic on a couple of occasions with no problems, other than being asked (over email) to verify that everything appears correct before doing the actual work. I'm sure that Greek will be easier since pretty much everyone is familiar with it.
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If the software that they use is within the past 5 years or so, it should work fine as Greek and Cyrillic are part of the Unicode set.
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Do you have a Pet Smart store near you? They have a great vending machine that allows you to make your own dog tag (i.e. choose a blank from several styles, type in the info you want on the tag, feed in your $$ and in a few minutes it spits out your tag). If no Pet Smart, I'd bet any large, chain pet store might have one.
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Oh, I'm an idiot, I missed the Greek characters part. Nevermind.
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I'd go over to Etsy, look around for the personalized pet tags you like the most, and then contact the seller and ask if they do Greek letters. We've had good luck with non-traditional characters in a lot of the metalwork we've ordered on Etsy (for personal jewelry), and a small shop might be more likely to do it off the cuff for you than a big biz.
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