One hopes it has to do with a poker game between governors...
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Why is there a small piece of Connecticut in Massachusetts?

For reasons involving a friend's Facebook photo album and an unrelated episode of Family Guy, I found myself looking at a map of Connecticut, when I realized that there's a small bit of land that looks geographically like it should belong in Connecticut but is currently a part of Massachusetts. It's about three miles by two miles in size, roughly rectangular in shape. US 202/206 runs through it. The Google Maps view is here. Other than the western border, which seems to follow the outline of the Congamond Lakes, there is nothing geographically to suggest why the border is shaped this way.

So what happened? Why is this bit o' land part of Massachusetts?
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Sadly, no poker.
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Best answer: Connecticut State Library has your answer: It's called The Southwick Jog.
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Best answer: if you care enough to read 13 pages on the subject: link
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Response by poster: So apparently I was Googling the wrong stuff. "The Southwick Jog" would make an excellent name for a band. Thanks, everyone!
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Don't worry about old CT, they make up for it by jutting into New York.
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For all your State-shape questions, I highly recommend this book. It's a great bathroom reader.

You can search around in it on Google Books too.
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Similar to the oddity in Minnesota that is the Northwest Angle.
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Twelve Mile Circle is a blog that covers lots of oddities like this-here's his entry on the Southwick Jog.
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I'll second bondcliff's recommendation of How the States Got Their Shapes. Fascinating book.
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Of course, there's always this piece of Canada that juts into U.S. waters...
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Since this is answered, and on the off-chance you have an interest in odd borders- my wife and I live in The Wedge, which we find a bit interesting....
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Response by poster: JMOZ, I have an interest in all sorts of unique geographical anomalies... the various links above have provided me with hours of interesting reading this morning.

I, myself, live in one such anomaly... this little bit of land that looks like it should be in South Carolina, but is in North Carolina instead.
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For lots of those "jogs" trace along the lower Mississippi -- that river's rerouting itself all the time, but its bordering states insist on retaining their old boundaries.
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Having read the whole document, I've got to say, Massachusetts seems to have had a bad case of "my mind's made up, don't bother me with facts".

CT: The line's too far south!
MA: No it's not. Our surveyors said it wasn't. So it's not.
CT: But . . . it's too far south.
MA: Didn't you hear us? We said it isn't! Our surveyors took a couple of measurements and everything. Or maybe they just got drunk. But we totally said so, and that makes it true!
CT: Our surveyors did the job properly, and it's too far south.
CT: YEAH! Let's tell the King! We'd like that!
MA: The new survey says the line is too far south, and we had a guy on the new survey. . . but wait! Our shoelaces were crossed! And oh, look over there, a revolution!
CT: Christ, Massachusetts. You stink.
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