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What is the easiest way to set up an online collaboration session between three people in different offices in which one person can draw on the document being viewed by all three? All three are on Windows XP, T1 lines, and a WAN. Solution could be hosted in-house or by a third-party (secure).

If it is an in-house solution, it needs to run on ASP or ColdFusion.
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vnc would be one fairly simple way.
does windows remote desktop do this, or do you get your own desktop? if it works, it's built-in to xp.
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I did this recently. The main document holder just set up a VNC server on their machine. The other two then logged in. We did this on Macs so I'm not sure what VNC software to recommend for XP though.
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we use realvnc on windows, but i'm not sure if the free version allows multiple connections.
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Best answer: Another option if for some reason VNC doesn't work is It can be easier to set up, easier to have others connect through firewalls and such, as well as being more secure than a default VNC installation, but costs money.

GotoMyPC is overkill though if you're on a secure WAN- just set up a VNC server on one machine and give the IP address to the other two machines. I've used TightVNC before, and I think it does support multiple connections to the same desktop... but I can't remember for sure.

As for Remote Desktop, I've never figure out a way to have more than one person connect to the same desktop at the same time.
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just to confirm gus's comment: TightVNC does allow multiple connections (and it's free)
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