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Looking for budget honeymoon ideas.

My fiancee and I are getting married in September. We would love some recommendations for inexpensive places to go, things to do or hotels to stay at. We want to travel internationally if possible.

Or, if you have where NOT to go, that would be helpful too :)

Thank you so much!
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Usually the most expensive part of traveling internationally is the flight, so my advice would be to check out explore at kayak.com.
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I bet there are good deals to be had in Cairo right now ;) Seriously, a little bit of info on what you like to do would be helpful. This is pretty much akin to "I'm hungry, what should I eat?" It's unanswerable in it's current form.
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I love Montreal. It has amazing food, things to see and do, and is international without taking too much time or money to get there.
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Internationally from where?
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I see you're in the US. Obvious answers are Mexico (dangerous at border towns, though!) and Canada, as the actual travel is not expensive. However, you don't mention whether that part is important to you. Is it the place you want to be cheap, the travel costs, or the whole trip?

Depending on further details, I'd recommend Puerto Rico (I guess not really international, but maybe different enough), Costa Rica or Belize. But, that's what I'd want to do, because I study Spanish and am interested in Central and South America. What do YOU like to do?
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Response by poster: We will be leaving from either Boston or Rhode Island. We don't have an exact budget, but around 2-4k is a range.

Thanks everyone!
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I'd take a look at Iceland. You can fly non-stop from Boston to Reykjavik.
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Montreal is great. We always stay at a hotel across the river, right next to a Metro stop, which costs significantly less than staying in Montreal proper. We always drive there from Rhode Island, and I think it's 6-7 hours, and usually make a stop in Vermont on the way.
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$4k...over how long a period, and during which EXACT range of dates. A lot of international destinations have on/off seasons, and this could help with your question.

Also, are you guys up for an "adventurous" type of honeymoon, or would you prefer nice hotels?
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Response by poster: Dates: Mid september, probably for 10 days. We want to do adventurous things and love the outdoors, but definitely want a level of comfort for the hotel. Preferably somewhere cheap to stay.

Whether the travel or the stay is cheap doesnt matter, its more an overall budget consideration.
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Best answer: Any destinations (even general like "islands" or "asia") that you would like to go to?

I would suggest getting a new email address, and signing the hell up for ALL sorts of airline email newsletters. the more exotic the airline, the better.

air new zealand
air tahiti
korean air

ad nauseum

Right now, all the deals I see are valid for travel dates THROUGH sept 1 at the latest.

Check the email addy every so often, and you will be bombarded with emails of vacation packages. Find one that you would both love.

I did this...and was able to elope in fiji. We were there for 10 days at a really nice resort. EVERYTHING cost less than your budget max.

Good luck, and congratulations to you guys.
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My experience is actually that the most expensive part of an international trip has the potential to be the accommodation, if you are going for a week or more. So if I were you, I'd look for good accommodation deals, and then figure out the rest. Eastern Europe, the less popular islands in the South Pacific (although they are still expensive for food and airfares usually), many parts of Asia, Indonesia, etc are frequently cheap for accommodation, especially if you find it yourself rather than booking through a travel agent. (If you can't find much online, which is often the case for very poor countries, you can book one night with a travel agent, and then look for something else once you arrive. Or ask friends who have been there for recommendations.)
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From Boston it can be pretty cheap to Ireland, especially in the off-season like September. But that'd be more a of a cozy B&B and pub kind of honeymoon.
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Right now, Expedia is showing mid-September coach airfare (with a Saturday night stay, etc.) from Boston to London Heathrow at around $800 per ticket. You can probably do better, but that's an interesting ballpark for discussion purposes.

It looks like 4-star hotels in London can currently be had through Priceline for under $100 per night. Or you can really ramp things up and look into a Eurail pass. Bottom line, at the $2-4k price point and with Priceline for hotels, you can probably do Europe within your budget.
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Take a look at Budget Travel. They always have interesting articles and some deals in the back. A few months ago, they mentioned a hotel in Honduras that has a pool and daily spa treatment included in the price of the room, which I believe went as low as $49 per night.
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We went to Belize for our honeymoon ~3 years ago. If you're into nature/ecotourism type things, or if you just like to lay on the beach, I definitely recommend it. Birdwatching, snorkeling (awesome coral reef), caving, Mayan ruins... the resort we stayed at was nice without being snooty, and hey! they even speak English.
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Aren't flights to Ireland supposed to be cheapest from Boston? That's a good time of year to go, too.

It's too far ahead to make Kayak Explore useful for your dates. It gives early March as ~$500 for Dublin, though, which bodes well for a similarly shoulder-ish season being very affordable come autumn.

The only downside to Ireland would be that on-the-ground costs are pretty high, what with the Eurozone and all.
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Best answer: accommodation in Ireland is not cheap, but I would definitely check out the prices to fly there from Boston - then I would book one of the ridiculously low prices RyanAir flights and go to San Sebastian, where the weather is glorious that time of year. Lots of outdoors activities to do especially watersports. I adore Ireland and I am Irish but having just had one of the best and cheapest holidays of my life in this incredible city I am telling everyone I know about it. It's a big Spanish tourist destination especially in the Summer as the temperatures on the North Coast "Costa Esmeralda" are so much nicer. You are also right next to France so could visit two countries at once.

I doubt you'd be lucky enough to book one of the EmyRent apartments near the beach but it's worth asking. Further in there's this: which is 150 Euros a night, is that outside your budget?
Booking an apartments works out cheaper than a hotel and these ones are beautiful, I stayed in the Belle Epoque one with wooden floors, luxury doesn't begin to describe it. By having a full kitchen you can cook for yourself and since food in Spain is so cheap you can keep some costs down that way.

There's something about having your own home base that really appeals to me, When I was looking at hotels for the same price I couldn't get that kind of quality or space. Obviously you can go somewhere cheaper in Mexico but this is so different to many people's honeymoon stories that I think it would be memorable in so many different ways!
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FWIW my husband and I got married in September 2009. We went to southern Italy (Naples, Ischia, Sorrento, Mt. Vesuvius). Several people recommended the Amalfi coast which I'm sure is amazing. The other place we considered was Thailand, specifically Koh Samui.

What about Greece?
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