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Can you help me find the address of the rss feed for Robert Christgau's blog, Expert Witness? I've tried fiddling around with the url, but nothing seems to work. If there really is no feed, is there some 3rd party tool which I could use to make one? Thanks.

I suppose I could ask over at his blog, but you need an msn account, and I'd rather not have to create yet another online acct. *Also, am I a dinosaur if I still use RSS? Have people moved on to something more awesome? (is that thing twitter? because if so, I don't want to evolve!)
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I tried using the little JS bookmark Google Reader provides and it said, "Oops, can't find a feed!"

If you're a dinosaur, I'm a protzoa, because I just now started using Google Reader and love it. Twitter is not really a comparable substitute, although I like Twitter too. Yes, people may tweet when they publish a new article, but you don't get that experience of scrolling through a list of articles.
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As far as I can tell there's no feed for that blog, which is just weird. There is one for the Reverb blog, but using the same URL scheme gets 404s for all the other blogs. Very strange.

And RSS is still awesome, at least to me.
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I've used Feed 43 to do this in the past. It requires a little bit of web savvy (helps if you have some regex savvy too), but it works well once you get it working.
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I also borked the link to the blog in the OP!
It's supposed to be I'll try that tool, yerfatma.
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Just chiming in to agree with yerfatma about Feed43. I have several work-related feeds that my colleagues and I use that were created with the Feed43 tool. They have worked great for several years, with some tweaking when the original website changes it's page layout/setup.
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