Easiest way to broadcast my slides?
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What's the easiest way to live-stream a slideshow presentation so that someone else can see it via the internet? Audio will be over the phone. The main thing is that I'd need to advance the slides myself, rather than saying "next" every 6 seconds. Windows or Linux solutions acceptable, freeware/open source preferred.

I need to give a presentation to someone remotely, and my quick presentation style means that saying "next slide" like 100 times would totally interrupt the flow. What's the easiest way for me to stream this slideshow to the internet so that others can follow along? (preferably without installing anything - maybe via a browser?)

I don't need a high framerate - I don't use animations or video - but resolution of at least 640x480 would be nice. I'm on a linux box now, but could easily use a windows machine if that's easier.

I see that sites like ustream exist, but they seem way too complex for this simple problem. I'm willing to consider them if someone can offer a nice easy to use tutorial. Thanks.
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Just one person? Why not just skype the whole thing?
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Response by poster: Does the skype client do screencasting? I don't have access to a video camera.
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Best answer: I've used two different services for this:

(1) WebEx
(2) GoToMeeting

I think both of these services require some fee from the host, but are free for participants. You send a browser link to participants, who have to install a browser plug-in.
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GoToMeeting has a free 30 day trial.

I like Adobe Connect, which also has a free 30 day trial. They have a number of plans if you want to use the system beyond that, including one that is pay per use - 32 cents per minute per user. May be pretty economical if you're only ever presenting to one or two people.
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I use Teamviewer, it has a free version (non-commercial use) You can also remote a persons computer and transfer files. I've used it to do all the above and love it!
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Screensharing with Skype.
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Response by poster: Another forum suggested Google Docs, which has a nice, simple interface, but unfortunately the guy I'm presenting to doesn't have a gmail account, (or skype installed either). I signed up for a free trial of GoToMeeting, which seems to do the trick for now. (but it's only a 30 day trial).

I'm still interested in other ways to do this, especially via linux. I mean, there has to be a fairly simple way to push screenshots to a little flash app or java applet once every second or two, right?
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