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Excel Spreadsheet - AutoMagically re-arrange data from one sheet to many based upon Alphabet?

Could someone with the knowledge please explain how I might re-arrange a spreadsheet containing a single column of words into diffferent sheets where each sheet lists a certain section of the original data, by initial letter?

So I currently have

x1 worksheet with a huge words list in 'A' and would like to have

x25 other worksheets with words starting with 'B' on sheet number 2, 'C' on sheet number 3 and so on...

IE Take list of words in 'A', and if they start with a 'B' put them in sheet 2 column A, if they start with a 'C' in sheet 3 column 'A', if they start with a 'D' in sheet column 'A' and so on until 'Z'

Hopefully I've been clear enough :) I think what I need as well as this 'basic' solution is a pivot table - which I'm just starting to read up on... thank you!
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Is this something you just need to do just once? If so, why not sort the column on the original sheet alphabetically, then cut and paste to new sheets?
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Response by poster: Yes, only once; however there are nearly 173,000 entries - I'm hoping for an elegant solution with some form of formula!

Cut 'n' paste will be the last resort - and maybe the only one? :) Guess my expectation of this being a simple task is misplaced!
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This isn't a pivot table, as you have no table. You're only looking at 26 sheets and 25 cut and paste operations. You can shift-select a range of words and cut and paste the whole block at once. I don't think it'll take as long as you fear.

I don't think a formula will work here; you might be able to use a filter, or some VBscript. But I'm assuming this is out of league. The sheets aspect means simple unix tools on .csv are out.
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Seconding what pwnguin said. Seems to me like a macro is needed.

-- Cycle through all the words on the main page
-- Pick the first letter (left(cell, 1))
-- Copy to the last line+1 on the appropriate sheet
-- Go to the next word on the main page
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Best answer: Hmmm... strangely enough, just yesterday there was someone asking to do almost the reverse!

Here's a macro I put together. You'll have to first sort your main sheet alphabetically (A to Z) before you run this macro. It will create a new sheet for each letter and copy the words that start with the letter to that sheet. It worked ok with my crude test case.

Sub WordSplitter()

' WordSplitter Macro

Dim mainSheetName As String
Dim currentLetter As String
Dim startLetter As String
Dim i As Integer
Dim rowNum As Integer
Dim lastRowNum As Integer

mainSheetName = ActiveSheet.Name 'Remember the main sheet name
Application.ScreenUpdating = False

rowNum = 0
lastRowNum = 1

For i = 0 To 25

Worksheets(mainSheetName).Activate 'Activate the main sheet
currentLetter = Chr(Asc("A") + i)

'Search until the start of next letter
rowNum = rowNum + 1
startLetter = UCase(Mid(ActiveSheet.Cells(rowNum, 1), 1, 1))
Loop While startLetter = currentLetter

startLetter = UCase(Mid(ActiveSheet.Cells(lastRowNum, 1), 1, 1))

'Copy/paste only if there is at least one cell
If lastRowNum < rowNum And startLetter = currentLetter Then
ActiveSheet.Range(Cells(lastRowNum, 1), Cells(rowNum - 1, 1)).Select

'Create new sheet and paste
Worksheets.Add(After:=Worksheets(Worksheets.Count)).Name = currentLetter

lastRowNum = rowNum
rowNum = rowNum - 1
End If

Next i

Worksheets(mainSheetName).Activate 'Activate the main sheet

End Sub

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Response by poster: Thank you thewildgreen - wow at the complexity though.

When I run this, I get an error after it has done the A's & B's - with the line

"rowNum = rowNum + 1"

and instead of C's, and the rest, I get a blank sheet - any thoughts as to why this might be happening at all?

Thank you for your help and answers all!
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Response by poster: thewildgreen graciously told me to change the line at top;

Dim rowNum As Integer
Dim lastRowNum As Integer

...by replacing 'As Integer' with 'As Long' , on account of my having too many lines - I reached the limit of 'integer', apparently.

Result! Instant 26 pages with alpha breakdown.

As I said to thewildgreen,

*I bow to the Excel God* :)

Thank you.
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