WTF is good for?
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WTF is good for?

Is there any reason for to exist?

Over the past couple weeks, I've been mentions of my handle in tweets such as: "The [fake name of news source] is out! [link to a branded site] Top stories by [@me]" So I click the link, and see a selection of current news stories. But I never find anything I've written.

So what's the point, other than making me click on a link? Seems like an annoying waste of bot-generated bits polluting my stream.

Does anyone here use it, and have anything good to say about it?

I found some further discussion and comments at
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I use it. I have generate a newspaper for the web site that I am the editor-in-chief of.

I find it to be a good way to aggregate news items of interest to my site's Twitter followers.

If you don't like the service, block from you twitter feed whoever creates the product that you don't like.
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Well, in brief, yes - it's an auto aggregator of links posted by those in your social network or what-have-you, so useful to some people, maybe...

I guess the accurate question might be why *your* links are not present in their summary?

Personally, I loathe it. I unfollow those who use it. I note that those who seem to use it choose not to after a short while - which might be due to :

"Daily Tweets, without context—If you want to share your site on your personal Twitter stream, you can click the “Promote It” link below the masthead. This requires you to sign up for daily promotional Tweets, and won’t let you do a one-time promotion of your page. Sure, you can go in and “manage” the papers you are promoting to turn off the daily Tweets—but that’s a bit laborious."
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Best answer:

Go there, do the steps, they will stop putting you in there. I've done it for much success.
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Response by poster: Thanks, deezil. I'm not so annoyed by it that I want to block the people that use it.
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It's annoying because it's opt-out instead of opt-in. I went to the site specifically looking for a a link explaining how to stop getting mentioned in tweets, and found exactly that in the footer of the front page. It's like Edouard Lambelet and Iskander Pols (the founders; let's name names here) know that their creation will be hated and are fine with that, which makes the whole thing doubly grating.
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I've been mentioned a couple times in tweets, I usually find myself in a tiny box in the lower right, usually when I've retweeted something that the person has liked. It's very weird...
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I love as a way to catch all the links I miss in my rather busy Twitter feed.

And I disagree about it being 'Opt-Out', rather than "Opt-In", I don't see it as any thing more then an alternative to retweeting - And you wouldn't complain about someone retweeting your tweet would you? You aren't using the service yourself, so you're neither in, nor out. And having the option not to get mentioned if you choose seems a healthy compromise.

Since I started using it, people's reactions are for the most part either neutral or positive, with two people disliking it so much, they've blocked me.

But I continue to use it, and let it auto-post it because I like the result I get from it, and I like other people posting their daily updates as I often follow the link to read what's on their page.

If the way I choose to use Twitter doesn't match everyone's though, that's cool. Nobody should take such things personally, if you don't like what someone is posting, don't follow them.
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