In search of sweatproof Bluetooth headphones
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I need reasonably good, sweatproof Bluetooth headphones for running.

I'm tired of being physically tethered while on the treadmill/gym device of choice, or when trail running. I want to get some Bluetooth headphones to pair with my iPhone or iPad, and they need to be sweatproof. I don't want to have to replace them quarterly just because I played "This Corrosion" and my headphones got the wrong idea. I looked at the Motorola S10-HD, but saw that they have gotten some pretty nasty reviews. So where do I go from here?

I do have a shaved head, so ideally a behind-the-head/neck-band configuration would probably be best - I do not want a headphone band tan line going across the top of my head. Also, I also prefer earbuds/in-ear for working out, because I don't want to get pads all sweaty, seating tends to be better and I often times want to feel like there is a direct line feed into my brain. Just a personal preference. I don't need audiophile performance, but something with punchy bass would be nice - I'm listening to Husker Du, Titus Andronicus, Basement Jaxx and Lil Wayne, not Mahler and Chopin. Even the cheap pair of Sony MDR-ED21LP earbuds I've been using since 2004 deliver the kind of sound quality I'm looking for. But those reviews of the Motorola scare me.

Anybody have any real world experience with anything out there that's better? Or has Motorola fixed the initial quality issues with the S10-HD's? Help me cut the cord!
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I have Motorola S10-HD (Xmas present) and they don't fit my head/ears very well because my glasses get in the way, but I haven't experienced any quality issues. Try them on first if you can, with the sunglasses you use to run. I wish I could have tried them on first, but other than that I like them.
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